Court says on Disha Ravi verdict, Disagreeing with State Cant Mean Jail – While granting bail to Disha Ravi, the court mentioned Rigveda, said- such use of treason …


Disha Ravi gets bail from court in toolkit case

Special things

  • The court said – cannot be put in jail due to disagreement with the government.
  • The law of treason cannot be used like this.
  • Disha has no criminal record.

Disha Ravi, accused in the Toolkit case, has been granted bail on Tuesday by the Patiala House Court in Delhi. The court dismissed the police story and claims that because of weak police evidence, there is no point in keeping a 22-year-old girl in jail with no criminal record. On Tuesday, after a day of police remand, Delhi Police’s cyber cell presented Disha Ravi, an accused in the toolkit case in the court. The police were seeking a 4-day police remand to interrogate Disha Ravi in ​​front of Nikita and in the meantime, news came from the sessions court that the bail of Disha has been approved.

Also read

1. While granting bail, the court rejected all the allegations and claims of the police. The court said that in view of the incomplete police evidence in this case, I do not see any reason why a 22-year-old girl should be kept in jail even though she has no criminal history. Creating WhatsApp group, editing tool kit is not a crime in itself. Simply deleting WhatsApp chats is not right to associate with PJF organization. This is not evidence to prove separatist thinking. There is nothing wrong in Shantanu coming to Delhi on 26 January.

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2. No content like treason in toolkit or its hyper link. If you do not agree to talk to the government, no one can be put in jail on charges of treason. In a democratic country, everyone has the fundamental right to speak. The right to dissent lies in perseverance. I think freedom of speech and expression includes the right to search for global audiences. There are no geographical constraints on communication. A citizen has the fundamental right to use the best means to receive communication in accordance with the law. It is inconceivable how the applicant gave a global platform to the separatist elements.


3.Court said that our civilization is 5000 years old, the court while referring to the Rigveda said that we have been receiving such welfare ideas which cannot be suppressed by anyone and they cannot be interrupted from anywhere, although the court Also said that it is not easy to prove conspiracy in such cases

4. It is also said in the order that tool calls do not prove any call for violence. Citizens in a democratic country keep an eye on the government, just because they do not agree with the government policy, they are not kept in jail. Can go The law of treason cannot be used like this.


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