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Published: March 18, 2020 9:10:08 am

Find your bloating cure in your kitchen spice box. (Source: File Photo)

Abdominal bloating or gas, whether due to eating heavy, sedentary lifestyle or a combination of both, is a common problem faced by many people. It not only leads one to feel heavy, but can also make the abdomen feel swollen and hard which can become painful if left untreated. Besides, it makes one feel less energetic.

While there are some easily available over-the-counter medicines that can help relieve the pain, they may not be free of side-effects, and can be expensive too. So enter Indian kitchen spices. Highlighting this aspect, nutritionist Lovneet Batra, in a post on Instagram, said, “Tired of feeling bloated? The Indian spice rack has your back, always.”

Take a look below:

She recommended these easy ways to relieve yourself of bloating.

Carom or ajwain

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CAROM TO CURE YOUR COLD I’m suffering with a cold. Stuffy/runny nose, heavy head, sneezing, the lot. I took some paracetamol, but only to help ease my lead like head. Pills don’t cure the cold, they simply block the pain pathway. The body’s incredible immune system evolves each time we’re hit with the cold, to fight the ever evolving virus. It’s why you get the cold more than once, its not the same bug you had before! Carom or ajwain is an incredible spice that is very nutty and earthy, tasting almost bitter and hot on the tongue. It is commonly used in savory foods, like deep fried bhajis, in flatbread and cooked with greens. However as a medical spice, its one of the most potent. Known to have anticeptic, antifungal properties, perhaps can help get rid of a cold?! 🤔 Raab made with a mixture of spices, predominantly carom seed, is an elixir that’s been made in Indian households for generations. My grandmother would whip up a batch just for fun. I tried my hand at making some today and have to say, it was like drinking caramel with a kick. Here’s what you do: ▶Take a non stick milk pan and gently heat 1tbls of ghee (Ghee is brilliant for soothing raw, dry skin, chapped lips, sore throats) ▶Once the ghee sizzles, add a clove, stick of cinnamon and whole green cardamom (great antifungal properties in these bad boys and will make your kitchen smell incredible) ▶Sprinkle around 1/4 tsp of carom/ajwain seeds (the magic ingredient!) They should sizzle and infuse with the ghee ▶ Soon after, add a tbls of wholemeal flour- bear with me- and mix until it forms a paste (this gives the raab its silky consistency, pure asthetic!) If its too thick, add a little ghee. Stir until it darkens and starts to smell nutty- don’t leave the stove whatever you do ▶ Lastly, add about a cup and half of water thats been heated with 2 tbl of jaggary (jaggary is unrefined sugar with minerals such as iron, magnesium and small amounts of zinc and B vits ▶Heat through until bubbling and the consistency you like. I like mine thin. Drink piping hot and feel your body tingle with glee! #ghee #carom #caromseeds #ajwain #coldremedy #homeremedy #indianmedecine #spices #cold #ayurveda

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Chew some carom or ajwain seeds. Or boil them, cool them down and have the water to instantly feel better when you have a stomach ache or feel bloated.

In Ayurveda, ajwain or carom seed is believed to have several medicinal properties. Owing to the presence of a compound called thymol, ajwain helps in secreting gastric juices which help in clearing the gastrointestinal tract of the trapped wind and aid in better digestion.

Coriander seeds or dhaniya

herbs and spices, spices as healing remedies, power of spices, healthy heart, diet for heart, ayurveda, medicinal plants, indian express, indian express news Coriander seeds water can help beat bloating. (Source: File Photo)

Soak coriander seeds in a glass of water overnight and have the water first thing in the morning to reduce water retention and bloating-induced swelling.

If your bowel movements are in place, you are less likely to feel bloated. As it is a rich source of fibre that helps boost metabolism, dhaniya seeds have been a traditional fix for bloating for the longest time.

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Fennel seeds or saunf

Fennel seed water and cumin seed water have always been sure shot bloat slayers.

Many people chew on fennel seeds as a digestive aid after a rich meal. It not only helps freshen up the breath but also helps in clearing out gas from the stomach and improve overall digestion.

Cumin water or jeera

spices, jeera, indianexpress, Jeera or cumin helps in absorption of nutrients in the body which helps prevent bloating. (Source: Getty Images)

As a diuretic, cumin or jeera helps increase urine flow that helps relieve bloating.

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