Coronil Controversy: Patanjali acharya balkrishna says- Opponents of Ayurveda panicked – Acharya Balakrishna enters the field after the controversy over Baba Ramdev’s corona medicine


Acharya Balakrishna, Managing Director of Patanjali Ayurved.

New Delhi:

After the controversy over Baba Ramdev’s corona medicine ‘Coronil’, now Acharya Balakrishna, managing director of Patanjali Ayurved has come forward. He tweeted that the Ayurveda has been played all over the world. Opponents of Ayurveda have created panic. Acharya Balakrishna has released a 4-page press release on Twitter. He wrote in tweeting, ‘In today’s pandemic, #Coronil has played #AWO-GMP, #CoPP license, #Ayurveda’s dank all over the world. Opponents of Ayurveda have created panic. Know what is the truth

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The press release states, ‘Patanjali Research Foundation Trust is surprised by the press release of Indian Medical Association on Coronil. Such a good doctor is not understanding the concept of scientific research, it is very disappointing. In the press conference of 19 February, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan spoke about the integration of the National Health Care System with Ayurveda, which is in line with the recent steps of the World Health Organization. Dr. Harsh Vardhan never offered modern medicine inferior. His presence at the press conference shows how sincere efforts are being made to make other medicine systems acceptable.

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It has also been said, ‘It is very sad in today’s situation that some health care professionals pay less attention to scientific research and its understanding and this is why the Indian Medical Association officials make allegations like’ Falsely Fabricated Unscientific Product ‘. All our research studies are published in the research journal through peer review. In addition, eighteen research papers are in the pipeline to be published in the Health Journal along with the peer review.

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In addition, it has been said that coronil is a proven drug based on scientifically validated research evidence of pre-clinical and clinical experts. Coronil is not any intelligence medicine, but all its elements have been given information among the general public. Not only this, after all research and review, the competent licensing authority has approved. The statement made by the Indian Medical Association is false, an insult to Ayurveda that has been in place since ancient times. The Indian Medical Association retracts its statement.

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