Coronavirus Vaccines Shortage, COVID Stock Status India Update; Bihar Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra | Stock less than 2 days left in Andhra Pradesh and Bihar, Rahul Gandhi’s taunt on PM – it’s not a celebration, it’s a time of trouble

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  • Coronavirus Vaccines Shortage, COVID Stock Status India Update; Bihar Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra

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New Delhi3 minutes ago

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Vaccination in Ahmedabad.

The vaccine stock in the states is ending fast. If we look at the figures of the Union Health Ministry, the stocks of vaccine are left on average around 5.5 days. Andhra Pradesh has 1.2 days and Bihar has 1.5 days of vaccination stock. Meanwhile, Congress MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi has taunted the Modi government through social media.

He said that vaccine deficiency is a very serious problem in the growing corona population. This is not a time for celebration. He asked whether it is right to export the vaccine, putting its countrymen in danger? The central government should help all the states without bias.

1.96 crore vaccine stock with center
Health Ministry officials said the vaccine is supplied to states within 4 to 8 days. It is decided to talk to the officials of the states every day in which state the vaccine is to be sent. With the vaccine shortage, supplies for the next week are also currently stuck in the pipeline. Adding the figures of all the states, the government is applying 36 lakh daily doses on an average. The government currently has a stock of 1 crore 96 lakh vaccines. Twenty-five million vaccines are in the pipeline.
The condition of Andhra Pradesh and Bihar is worse
Andhra Pradesh has only 1.4 lakh doses of the vaccine. Every day 1.1 lakh vaccines are being installed here. According to this it can be finished in 2 days.
The state is awaiting 14.6 lakh vaccines stuck in those pipelines. There are similar situations in Bihar. There are 2.6 lakh doses left. 1.7 lakh vaccine doses are being applied daily in the state.

Tamil Nadu has 17 lakh doses, but vaccination speed low
Tamil Nadu has a dose of 1.7 million vaccines. A big reason for this is the slow pace of vaccination here. About 37 thousand vaccine people are being deployed here every day. 3.9 lakh vaccines are being installed daily in Maharashtra. The state has a stock of 1.5 million vaccines. Let us know that on April 2, Maharashtra has given the maximum of 5.1 lakh doses of vaccine to the people. The Health Ministry says that vaccine consignments will soon be delivered to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

PM Modi said, celebrate Teeka Utsav from April 11 to 14
The Prime Minister spoke to the Chief Ministers of the states on Thursday on the Corona epidemic. They said that the vaccine was to stop the waste. The strategy has been made for the country only with the advice of the states. Target people above 45 years of 100% vaccination. On 11 April, Jyotiba Phule and on 14 April is the birth anniversary of Baba Ambedkar. Can we celebrate the Tika festival during this time? Vaccine more and more people by campaigning. During this, there should be zero vestage. This will also increase vaccination. For this, increase the number of centers.

Vaccine stock in these states for less than a week
Andhra Pradesh – 1.2 days
Bihar – 1.5 days
Uttar Pradesh – 2.5 days
Uttarakhand – 2.9 days
Odisha – 3.2 days
Madhya Pradesh – 3.5 days
Maharashtra – 4 days

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