Coronavirus Vaccine Van Diverted As West Bengal Minister Siddiqullah Chowdhury Blocks Highway Farm Laws


Siddikullah Chaudhary is a minister in the Mamta government.


Coronavirus Vaccine is being delivered in almost all the states of the country. A special vehicle carrying the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday led to the blockade of the national highway led by Mamta Sarkar minister Siddiqullah Chowdhury, who is opposing new farm laws in East Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Had to send through another route. Former Bardhaman SP NewsBust India Mukhopadhyay said that the vaccine van was diverted five kilometers before the road that was blocked.

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The SP said that the van had to be taken from the middle of a village which connects Delhi-Kolkata. However, unofficial sources claimed that the van had to cross the roads of the village for a distance of 20 km to get it back on the national highway.


After leaving the state government’s Kolkata-based vaccine store, the vaccine van delivered 31,500 doses to the Health Department office in the former Bardhaman district. Vaccine consignments were also delivered to Bankura and Purulia Health Centers.

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(Apart from the headline, this news has not been edited by the NewsBust team, it is published directly from the Syndicate feed.)


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