Coronavirus vaccine updates More than 30% of side-effects caused by anxiety, not resultant of COVID-19 vaccine | After vaccination, up to 30 percent of side effects are due to restlessness, more cases in women; Research by Immunization Committee of India

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  • Coronavirus Vaccine Updates More Than 30% Of Side Effects Caused By Anxiety, Not Resultant Of COVID 19 Vaccine

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Restlessness is the cause of side effects in more than 30 percent of people after vaccination. This has been disclosed by the National Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee, which researches the side effects of the vaccine. The committee studied 88 such cases. In 22 of these cases, the cause of side effect was restlessness. The results have been released after the completion of the study on June 28.

More cases of restlessness in women
According to the research report, more cases of restlessness have been reported in women than men. One of the major reasons for this discomfort is the fear of needles. This is called needle phobia. Out of 22 people who complained of restlessness, 16 people got Covishield and the rest had taken Covaccine dose.

Experts say, such discomfort should not be considered as a side effect of post vaccination. Kovid’s vaccine is still new, how many side effects it can have, it is not fully known. That’s why people worry excessively after getting the vaccine and the restlessness increases. This is also a reason for this. After taking the vaccine, symptoms like sleepiness, difficulty in breathing come under the scope of side effects.

How will anxiety affect the vaccine?
Experts believe that due to anxiety, the effect of some Kovid vaccines may be reduced. Both anxiety and stress directly weaken the immune system that fights diseases. It reduces its ability to fight disease. In such a situation, due to the release of cortisol hormone, many such reactions start in the body which can also cause inflammation in the body.

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