Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker India / Vaccination Drive Latest Status Update; Covid Vaccine Arrival Date In Delhi Haryana Rajathan Mp Up Kerala Haryana | Corona vaccine to arrive in most states including Delhi on Thursday; Kovacsin denies Punjab-Chhattisgarh

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  • 79 lakh people have registered on Kovin so far

Vaccination is to begin in India from January 16 and the machinery has been activated for this The vaccine will arrive in most states including Delhi by Thursday. The vaccine (coviShield) of the Serum Institute of India (SII), Pune, will be available in most states. 80% of the vaccine transport from Pune will be by flights and special aircraft.

According to a media report, the government will provide doses to both Kovishield and Kovaxin. At present, the Congress-ruled states like Chhattisgarh and Punjab have clearly said that they will not put a dose of Covaxin. The state will take a decision on this only after the results of Phase-3 trials are revealed. The drug regulator has given emergency approval to covaxin based on the results of Phase-1 and Phase-2. Its phase-3 trials are run at 25 sites across the country.

India’s vaccination drive is the largest in the world. It will start on 16 January. In the first phase, 30 million healthcare and frontline workers will be vaccinated. These include 1 crore healthcare workers and 2 crore other frontline workers. After this, 27 million high-risk people will be vaccinated. These include senior citizens and those who are placed in the high-risk category. They are planned to be vaccinated by August 2021.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to discuss the vaccination drive with chief ministers on Monday. On January 3, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) co-authored with the serum institute Kovishield (prepared by Oxford University and AstraZeneca) and Bharat Biotech’s Kovaxin (which was co-founded with Indian Council of Medical Research and National Institute of Virology Is) was given emergency approval. After this it will be Modi’s first virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers.

Brand name will be written on every vial

  • In the policy made regarding vaccination, the name of the vaccine will be written on every vial. Anyone who has the vaccine will know which vaccine has been used. Each vial (vial) will have 10 doses. It has to be used within four hours after opening. Actually, it does not have Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVM). Nor has every vial government abolished the open viol policy. This will prevent it from being stored for a long time after opening the vial.
  • In the guidelines the central government has sent to all the states, it has been said that on every site, the vaccination officer will have to record the date and time of opening the violin. It must be destroyed after the session is over or four hours after opening the vial. The guideline also states that a supervisor at each site will ensure that the temperature of the vaccine carriers is maintained properly.

Fear of increasing waste due to lack of open violations policy

  • In the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) run in India, some vaccines are used up to four weeks after the vials open. The policy of the Central Government is also clear for this. Major indicators are monitored through VVMs. According to experts, inactivated vaccines like covaxin can be used for several days. But this is not the case with a live vaccine like CoveShield. Because of this, open viol policy has not been kept.
  • It is also feared that the vestage will increase. If you do not put the vaccine in four hours, it will have to be destroyed. Because of this, the officials at the vaccination sites will know how many people have to be vaccinated and when. Accordingly, this plan will work. The ministry’s guideline says that instructions will be issued at the right time for different types of vaccines.

Transport of vaccine from Pune today or tomorrow

  • Dose transportation of Pune to KoviShield vaccine will begin by Tuesday. Mumbai-based Cool-X Cold Chain Limited has signed a deal to transport the vaccine. According to the company’s co-founder Rahul Agarwal, the vaccine will be transported through first flights. The serum has not yet received approval from the central government to transport the vaccine. He has 300 trucks, which will be used for vaccine transportation.

79 lakh registrations on Kovin, waiting for app

  • After the announcement of the Corona vaccination date, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on social media that January 16 will prove to be an important day in the fight against Corona. Vaccination will start from this day. Priority will be given to all frontline workers, including our courageous doctors, healthcare workers and scavengers.
  • The government is going to use COVIN (Co-WIN) Kovid Vaccine Intelligence Network) in this vaccination drive. It will be used to track vaccine users. At present, more than 79 lakh registrations have been done. On this, real-time information about vaccine stock and storage temperature will also be available. The app has not been launched yet.
  • The central government has done three dry runs so far regarding vaccination. Two of these have happened in the whole country. This tested the vaccine delivery system at 4,895 sites in 33 states and union territories. The third dry run took place last Friday.


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