Coronavirus vaccine: precautions you must take before and after COVID-19 Vaccine | dos and donts of Covid-19 vaccine | What to do before, during and after getting vaccinated


If somehow you have succeeded in preparing the slot for the Kovid 19 vaccine, then there are some things that you need to take care of before taking the vaccine and after taking the Kovid 19 vaccine.

So without spending time, let us know what to do and what not to do before Kovid 19 Vaccine (Coronavirus Vaccine: Do’s and Don’ts of Covid-19 Vaccine)

1. Take care of allergies

First of all, talk to your doctor if you have any allergy to any medicine or drug. It is possible that for this the doctor advises you to have a complete blood count test of CBC ie. Apart from this, CRP i.e. C-Creative Protein or IgE i.e. Immunoglobin-E level test can be advised by the doctor.

2. Do consult a doctor if

– If you are taking any medication regularly, such as thyroid or BP, or for any other problem, you are taking regular medication, then first of all talk to your doctor. Keep the medicine dose according to his advice.
– If you are struggling with diabetes or blood pressure, then do the test first. To understand the situation with your doctor, go for the vaccine.
– At the same time, cancer patients also need to take special care. If chemotherapy is going on, do not take any step without medical advice.

3. If Kovid is done…

There are many people who have defeated Kovid 19 and returned to the path of health. The question in these people’s minds now is whether they should take the vaccine or not. So keep in mind that those people who have been infected a month and a half ago or who have taken blood plasma or monoclonal antibodies during the treatment of Kovid-19, do not take the vaccine yet.

4. What to do if a cavid infection occurs even after taking the vaccine

If this happened to you, you took the first dose of corona vaccine and after that you were infected. So take the second dose only on the advice of the doctor. It is being said that in such cases the second dose of corona vaccine should be postponed for a few weeks. But you should follow the advice of the doctor.

5. Yes, now it comes to food

Brother, if you want to be vaccinated today, then eat or not eat anything before the vaccine. Eat well before taking the vaccine. Do not consume too heavy or fried things. To control anxiety, take a simple diet.

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What to keep in mind after taking the Kovid 19 vaccine

After taking the vaccine, you will be told about the things that have to be taken care of at the center. But if it is not so … then you should also know for yourself what are the things not to be done after the vaccine.

1. So the most important things that you have to keep in mind is that after taking the vaccine, keep an eye on yourself. Yes, keeping an eye on yourself means to note that you are not seeing any dangerous allergic reaction. If this happens, tell the doctor about it.

2. Now keeping an eye does not mean that you get nervous only when there is mild pain or fever on the injected area. These are simple symptoms. Do not panic in them, you should take full care of hygiene. If you have pain in the injection site, you can apply a light wet cloth, it will give relief. Apart from these, you may also experience symptoms such as feeling cold or tired after the vaccine. These symptoms go on for a few days. But keep an eye on these, seek medical advice if problems grow.

3. Drink plenty of beverages after vaccination. Eat a nutritious diet. Take care of sleep. Avoid alcohol and smoking strictly.

4. Keep in mind that the vaccine makes your immune system stronger and stronger to fight against external infections. But this does not happen immediately after vaccination. Even after vaccination, it may take a few weeks for the immunity to develop against the virus. So do not forget the safety rules even after vaccination. Even after the vaccine, take full care of the rules of face mask, hand wash, hygiene and social distancing.

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