Coronavirus Vaccine Drone Delivery Project; ICMR Seeks Bid, Telangana Government Launched Project | ICMR’s plan – Drone delivery will be done in inaccessible areas, Telangana government launched such a project

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  • Coronavirus Vaccine Drone Delivery Project; ICMR Seeks Bid, Telangana Government Launched Project

New Delhi5 minutes ago

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The central and state governments are now considering vaccine delivery by drones. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has invited bids from companies for this project. The government is taking this step for vaccine delivery in those areas where it is difficult to deliver the vaccine through normal methods. Meanwhile, the Telangana government has launched the Drone Delivery Project for medical supplies to find out whether this system will work or not.

Flipkart and Dunzo have announced to help in this project of Telangana government. They will develop the delivery system and carry forward the scheme of vaccine delivery.

In the tender issued by ICMR on June 11, it has been said that a system is being considered to develop a vaccine to reach everywhere, in which delivery can be done through drones. This delivery will be for those selected areas where it is not possible to deliver the vaccine. This tender has come out through HLL Infratech Services Limited. This tender has been issued with a study by IIT Kanpur, in which good results of vaccine delivery through unmanned aerial vehicle were revealed. In April, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had approved this study by ICMR along with IIT Kanpur.

ICMR’s requirement

  • ICMR wants drones that can fly up to 35 km at an altitude of 100 metres.
  • These drones should be able to lift a weight of at least 4 kg.
  • Parachute-based delivery is not considered suitable in the study.

why the problem now
The Center had selected 20 companies. Those who had to use drone delivery according to the conditions of ICMR. ICMR had put a condition that the delivery should be done in those areas which are not visible i.e. beyond visual line of sight. But so far no company has done such an operation. Because, according to the current rules, they can operate their drones in only those areas, which are within the visual range.

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