Coronavirus: To make 70 percent of the countrys population aware, student created Covid Curriculum – student created Kovid Curriculum to sensitize 70 percent population of the country

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Students aiming to make Kovid Curriculum.


Coronavirus: If villages in India Corona virus What will happen if the infection spreads more? This question affected a student studying in XI so much that he decided to bring awareness about this virus. Then the question arose that how to make people of all states and regions in multilingual India aware? The student found a new way for this in which there is no language barrier. Where language comes in, visuals do their work. A student of Karnataka named Lakshya Subodh has created a Corona curriculum for rural India.

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Everyone cares about the city, but how to prevent the spread of corona virus in the villages? How to educate villagers? This thinking inspired Bangalore student Lakshya Subodh, studying in class 11, in such a way that he has designed a curriculum for rural India which has animated videos and music so that the language does not come in the way. He along with his friends has prepared Curriculam.

Student Lakshya Subodh has tried to convince the villagers about the danger of Corona and ways to protect it through cartoons and music. Lakshya Subodh says that “We may live in the city but we also have social responsibility for the villages of our country.” The village has 70 percent population of our country. Think that if the virus is a fire that spreads, then 70 percent of the population will be affected by it.

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Lakshya Subodh first created cartoons with his friends and then got them animated with the help of an agency. His films made in some villages of Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are being shown through a few NGOs.


Lakshya Subodh said that at present we are giving online training once a week, but now we want to reach the villagers through this by opening a website and YouTube channel.

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