Coronavirus spread across the world due to Chinese secrecy and deception: US President Donald Trump – Coronavirus spread all over the world due to Chinese hiding and cheating: US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump (file photo).


Attacking China once again, US President Donald Trump addressed the second "Salute to America" ​​rally on the occasion of the country's 244th Independence Day, saying that everything was very good before the virus from China spread to the US was going. Trump said that the countries that had been benefiting from America for a long time now used the power of tariffs on their land, after which the US could make good trade agreements. Now several billion dollars were deposited in the US treasury from those countries. But this virus from China spread to America.

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Trump added, "We are making gowns, masks, surgeries … Earlier all this was made in other countries, especially, these things came from China, ironically, this virus also came from China. " "By spreading China's secrecy, cheating and putting things on the virus, the virus should spread to the whole world, China should be held responsible for it."

Speaking on Corona's vaccine, Trump said "we are doing incredibly well and testing the vaccine, as well as other treatment methods. I thank the scientists for the researchers." I want those who are working in this direction. By the end of this year, we will make a corona vaccine. "

Trump said that 40 million people have been tested so far in America, so much testing is not being done in any country of the world.


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