Coronavirus: LIVE classes, blogs, videos; how to study online during lockdown

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Updated: March 29, 2020 6:54:01 pm

Follow these strategies for studying online. Representational image/ pixabay

Written by Pavan Chauhan

The global coronavirus pandemic that has affected close to six lakh people worldwide as per latest figures has forced educational institutions to suspend classes. Students are opting for the online mode to continue their studies. Schools too are switching to the online mode of instruction using technology.

The lockdown and the resultant frustration notwithstanding, online learning is a very convenient mode for students. However, it requires self-discipline, time management skills, determination and a strong motivation, as it may be challenging for students to keep at it with the same level of dedication as is possible in traditional classrooms.

How prepared are you to study online? What could be the best strategies for this? Below are some points that could be useful to make the best out of your online study experience in light of the Covid-19 lockdown period:

1) Make sure that you have a designated study space with reliable internet access

You will probably need to attend online lectures and refer to notes when you study. Therefore, you will need a study space with high-speed internet access so you’re not trying to attend Live classes over a lagging connection. Ensure that your designated place is quiet, organised, distraction-free and available for use at all times.

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Treat your online class like a ‘real’ one

When it comes to online classes, you may be tempted to take it lightly. You need to have the discipline to sit down for a fixed time each day and follow through the class. Don’t worry about not understanding a concept the first time. The good thing about most Live classes is that you can watch the recordings any number of times later.

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Take study breaks

You will lose your concentration if you are feeling tired or disinterested while studying. Incorporate some “me” time into your study routine and you will realise that your focus has improved. Make sure that you get away from your study space during your break; you need to have a change of scenery. Get up, walk a little and do some stretching when you are done with a topic. It will help you maintain balance, renew energy, and go back to studying with a clear mind.

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Actively participate in online discussions

Just like in a regular classroom, an online learning environment too offers several ways in which you can approach your teacher and even your virtual classmates in case you are unable to follow a concept. Online forums, in-class quizzes are various ways in which students can interact with the teacher and each other. If you do feel yourself lagging behind, speak up. This will tremendously enhance your eLearning experience, and you will get more confident.

Motivation is the key

Remember, motivation backed by some discipline is key to making the best of your online learning experience. To make sure that you stay focused and engaged in your online learning experience, consider following these tips:

a. Create your study routine at your own comfort, take your time.

b. Put inspirational quotes and pictures near your study space.

c. Be tuned to your productive and less productive days / time of day

d. Eat healthy to boost your energy.

e. Reward yourself on completing a challenging task.

f. Connect with your friends online – for a change now, your parents might just be less strict about screen-time and social media.

This lockdown period can be extremely challenging, but the key is to make the best of it. Let us all get creative with the things we can do (other than studies) together as a family. We will be able to look back to this period and cherish the wonderful memories that we have created.

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