Coronavirus Latest Updates: England Woman Make 100 Mask For People Who Can't Hear | Transparent mask will help those who cannot hear, through this they will be able to read lips; England woman made 100 such masks


  • According to 45-year-old Claire Cross, it fits well on the face and will prove helpful to deaf people
  • The National Deaf Children's Society says that mute-deaf people need to be alerted because they cannot understand this because of the mask.

Daily newspaper

Jul 14, 2020, 12:10 PM IST

The lady of England has made such transparent masks with which the deaf people will be able to read the lips of the front man and understand his words. This mask will also keep them away from corona infection. 45-year-old Claire Cross, who prepares it, says that this mask fits well on the face and will be helpful to those who cannot speak. After the lockdown, it has now been made mandatory for people to apply masks, especially when traveling outside and going to the crowd.

Read face and lips
The National Deaf Children's Society says that deaf people read lips to understand things, but because of masks they are unable to understand things, during the Corona epidemic, mute people need to be especially alert, especially until then When such transparent masks are not available worldwide. There are 9 million people in England who cannot hear. They understand sign language by facial and lip expressions.

Masks are being distributed to deaf people
Cross reports that Cross is a pub worker. She has been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time and distributing such transparent masks. She says that there are some friends of mine who cannot listen. He relies on lip readings, the mask was introduced to these friends. When I shared it on social media, I was requested by such people that they also need transparent mask. Apart from this, there was demand from doctors and nurses treating deaf people.

Challenges increased for the disabled
Kraus says people have got some relief after the removal of the lockdown, but the challenges have increased for the disabled. Why should they not be able to live a normal life like other people, they should feel so relieved, so they designed such masks.


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