Coronavirus India variant double mutation found in US california in first India coronavirus cases surge – Coronavirus: Double mutation variant present in India, first case in California


US Coronavirus: Double mutation virus found in California. (Symbolic picture)

Amid growing cases in India, a new variant of Coronavirus has been found in the United States of California, which is being described as a variant spread in India. The first case of this variant has been found in the US. Double mutation variants of coronavirus have been found in India. Meanwhile, the second wave of corona has spread rapidly in the country. More cases are coming out than the number of cases that came in the first wave.

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San francisco chronical According to, the Stanford Clinical Virology Lab has identified and further confirmed the variants spreading in India through genome sequencing. Lab director Dr. Benjamin Pinsky gave this information. This lab is examining samples of seven more possible cases and its report will come in the next few days.

The website quoted doctor Pinsky and some other media reports as saying that the variant has been confirmed in a patient at Stanford Health Care Clinic and that the patient is believed to have been infected with this variant in Santa Clara County.

Peter Chin-Hong, an expert on infectious diseases at the University of California San Francisco, told the Chronicle that two new mutations of the virus exist for the first time in India variants, similar to those seen in previous variants.

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How is the double mutated variant made?

Let me tell you that this variant is believed to be behind the rapid spread of infection in India. It is being called ‘double mutant’ because there are two new mutations of virus in this variant. That is, the genome of the initial virus made two mutations, then these two new mutations merged, creating a new variant. Mutant variants of the virus first started to be found in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

Later, two variants of the virus in India got together and mutated and became new variants. Now this variant is found in the US for the first time. However, it is not yet known how much more contagious these new variants are than the existing variants or how much effect it has on the vaccine in use.

Let us know that the highest figures have come in India since the beginning of Corona in the last days. In the second wave, cases of corona infection have reached far above the figure of 1 lakh. On Thursday, April 8, 1,26,789 new COVID-19 cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, which is the highest number till date. During this period 685 patients have died.


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