Coronavirus India Updates In Hindi: Coronavirus India Report Covid-19 Updates Cases Of 15 june 2021 Tuesday – Coronavirus India Updates: 70,421 new COVID-19 cases in the country in last 24 hours, only 13 active cases left in Dharavi


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There is a steady decrease in the number of new cases of corona virus and active patients in the country. The number of active cases in the country has come down to 10 lakhs, which is a matter of relief. According to the latest data released by the Union Health Ministry on Monday morning, 70,421 new cases of corona have been registered in the last 24 hours. For the last few days, the number of new cases has remained below one lakh continuously. At the same time, 3921 patients have died due to the deadly virus in the last 24 hours. The figures of deaths that are coming are still at a worrying level.

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The number of new cases of corona in Maharashtra is continuously decreasing. Mumbai’s Dharavi has emerged as a role model in this matter. Not a single case of corona has been reported in the last 24 hours in Dharavi, considered Asia’s largest slum area. This is the first time after the second wave of corona that not a single new case of corona has been registered in Dharavi. Earlier, on December 25 last year, not a single new case of corona was registered in Dharavi.

Here are the Updates on India Coronavirus Cases in Hindi :


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