Coronavirus in India: These 3 siblings raise USD 2.8 lakh for medical supplies in India


The siblings raised $ 2,80,000 for medical supplies in India.

New Delhi:

Three Indian-American siblings have raised more than $ 2,80,000 for the purpose of sending medical oxygen needed for Kovid-19 patients in India. Jia, Kareena and Armaan Gupta, the founders of the non-profit organization ‘Little Mentors’, collected this amount with the help of their school friends and their families to provide oxygen concentrators and ventilators for needy patients in hospitals in and around Delhi. Manage life saving devices. The age of these children is 15 years.

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The three children said, “Our only request is that when these devices are not needed, they should be returned so that any other patient can use them.”

He said, “This is important because there is a lack of these devices and the affected population is very large.”

The brothers and sisters said that they will prepare data on the needy people, so that supplies can be provided in a proper way and for this they will need all the help.

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