Coronavirus havoc in Varanasi, sick people are not being tested


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The parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been disturbed by Corona these days. The entire system has collapsed. There is an atmosphere of chaos in every place. There is no place in hospitals, no medicines, investigations are not being done. The situation has become such that now the district administration had to issue an advisory that they should not come to Benaras without doing much work. The patient waiting for the doctor .. The patient in the long lines .. The patient getting out of the ambulance and the patient going on the stretcher. Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Corona. The editor of the newspaper Janavarta, which has been coming out here for 50 years, says that never seen such a scene.

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Editor Raj Kumar Singh said that “I have a journalistic life of 20 years and the color of Corona is going to stand up.” In Benaras, there is trance-trance. Banaras is called the city of alive, but today in this living city, patients are seen everywhere, ambulances are seen, there is silence. I am talking to you, there are many familiar people in my mind whose eyes are moist when memories come. The situation is uncontrollable. ”

In the Mandali Hospital Deendayal of the district, there was a long line for the investigation of Kovid, which speaks of its horrors. The sick patient has to run for investigation only for 2 days and 3 days. Prashant Dubey said, “We had come here to have the test of Kovid-19 done. We have been circling this for two-three days. It is being said every day that today’s quota has been done. We are coming from Lanka and have made two or three rounds.

Manager, Indian Bank Ajay Kumar Sharma said, “I am the manager in the bank right here in the Indian Bank Govindpur Rohania branch. We feel that we have come under the grip of Corona. Customers come. We have a lot of trouble for two-three days. They are saying that it will not happen today, tomorrow they will be able to register, then they will call it after that. ”

The drug store and Dawa Mandi are also crowded to get the necessary medicines of Corona, but the medicine is missing from the market. Drug dealer Sanjay Kumar said that at this time Remedycover injection is not available in the market. Pheri flu is present in the tablet. A lot of people are coming to pick up but can’t find it. Consumers are upset.

Seeing the situation of slipping from the hands, now the district administration is issuing an advisory in which there is an appeal not to come to Banaras without doing much work. Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal said that we will have to take some drastic steps now in view of the increasing cases of Corona. In view of this, where there was a crowd in the Sampurnanand temple in Kashi Vishwanath temple, the negative report of RTPCR should not be 3 days old everywhere. Through AAP you want to appeal that if you come from outside districts coming from outside, then come to Benaras only if it is very necessary.

Varanasi had never seen such a havoc of Corona. The situation is that the general public are all helpless and helpless in front of the administration hospital.

The district administration has issued an advisory that there is an appeal to all individuals and travelers who are planning to come to Varanasi from abroad, not to visit Varanasi in the whole month of April due to the unprecedented Kovid infection spread in Varanasi. Devotees who come here are also informed that the Kovid Negative Test Report has been made necessary for admission to Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple from April 14. Without this, admission will not be granted. The system of Kovid Negative Report will also be implemented soon for the travelers coming from outside states to stay in the city.


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