Coronavirus Face Mask Types Comparison Updates; Know Which Mask Is Best For COVID Virus Protection | There are 4 types of masks being sold in the market, know their characteristics and which mask will be better for you


  • N95 is especially useful for health workers, common people can use medical masks
  • Remember it is necessary to wear the mask properly, do not touch or remove it repeatedly after wearing

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Jul 04, 2020, 08:40 PM IST

Tara Parker Pope / Rachel Abrams / Eden Weingart / Tony Cenicola. The mask has emerged as the biggest weapon in the fight against Coronavirus. Many health institutions like CDC, WHO are appealing to people to wear masks. Even in India, the government made it mandatory to wear masks, despite this, a large number of people are negligent.

But, with the help of a mask, you can avoid infecting someone with a drop of breath and avoid getting infected yourself. While coughing, sneezing or talking, the mask traps droplets containing the virus, reducing the chances of the virus reaching another person. There are four types of masks available in the market. They have different characteristics. So choose the right mask, be safe.

These are different types of masks and know which one is better for you-

  • The N95 mask was the most discussed during the epidemic. This mask prevents small particles (0.3 microns) by about 95 percent. It is usually extremely difficult to stop such small particles. The average hair size of a human is 70 to 100 microns wide.
  • These masks are single-use and made of polyester and other synthetic fibers. It has a layer of fiber that acts as a filter. They block particles.
  • In this mask, make sure that there should be no gap in your skin and mask. It has a nosepiece which can adapt to the shape of the face. Many health care workers undergo annual fitting tests, which check for air leakage and fit the size of the mask. If you have a beard on your face, it will not fit properly. These masks do not even fit on the faces of children.
  • Some N95 masks have exaggeration valves in the front, making breathing easier. These masks are commonly used in constructions. Valve masks should not be used in places such as hospital operation rooms. In such a situation it does not protect others when you breathe.

Medical mask

  • Such masks are of many types and are less effective than N95. Some of these masks contain 60 to 80 percent of small particles inside the lab condition. If you have worn a medical mask properly it can be helpful in preventing coronavirus.
  • Medical masks are usually breathable and made of synthetic fibers such as paper. It is in the rectangle shape and plates are made. Due to its shape, it is easily spread by fit on the face. These masks are disposable and made for one-time use.
  • These masks protect you from large drops, but they are less effective than the N95 due to the loose face.

Home Made Mask

  • Due to low supply of medical masks, many people used homemade masks. If it is constructed with good fabric and better, it gives protection like medical mask.
  • A good home made mask is prepared with a material that is capable of stopping the virus particle. It is made of cotton fabric.
  • Such masks can also be made from heavy cotton T-shirts. Material that has high quantity of threads. These masks provide better protection. There are many ways to make cotton masks on the Internet. Look for a mask that has at least two layers and that covers your nose and chin.

Home Made Filter Mask

  • This is another type of cotton mask made of 100% cotton T-shirt. These masks have a pocket at the back which acts as a filter.
  • We have used a coffee filter in it. Paper towels have also been tested. One experiment suggests that two layers of paper towels block 23 to 33 percent of 0.3 microns.
  • People are using many filter materials in the meantime. These include air filters and vacuum bags. These can be effective, but they carry risks. Sometimes it is not breathable and sometimes there are harmful fibers, which you can take in with the breath.
  • Also, an average person does not need this much filtering. Whichever filter you use, make sure that there is a layer of cotton or similar material on its side.

It is important to wear the mask properly
A mask will only be effective when worn properly. We should wear masks while going out or in public places. Remember do not do these up and down again and again. Although no mask gives 100% protection, you can do more protection with frequent hand washing and social distancing.


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