Coronavirus Death / Factory Worker and Security Guards Latest Updates By National Statistics (ONS) Experts | Risk of death reduced by doctors, security guard more, research results of 4700 patients in UK


  • UK experts analyze data from 4700 Kovid-19 patients aged 20 to 64 years
  • Experts said – Our aim is not to tell any profession as dangerous, but to keep alert

Daily newspaper

Jun 30, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

The danger of death from Corona is twice as high as doctors, factory workers and people working as security guards. The data is released after UK experts analyzed data from 4700 Kovid-19 patients working in different fields. The report included 20 to 64-year-old corona victims between March 9 and May 25.

Security Guard vs Health Worker
Research revealed that 74 lakh security guards and 73 factory workers died of corona on one lakh people. At the same time, this figure has been different among health workers. Of these, 30 health workers died on 1 lakh people. According to experts, the risk of infection in the ambulance staff was 82.4 percent, the highest. According to experts, our objective is not to tell that these jobs are dangerous compared to the medical profession, rather, people have to keep alert.

The guards and laborers came in the most contact
According to experts, factory workers continued to work even during lockdown. When the cases of Corona were spreading rapidly, they also came in contact with the people. At the same time, hundreds of people came in contact with the security guards deployed in the security guards line deployed in the super market.

The most threatened blacks – Asians

According to experts, the risk of death for men in 17 different areas was high. These include Taxi Driver (65.3), Chef (56.8), Bus & Coach Drivers (44.2), Sales-Retail Assistant (34.2). Whereas the Kovid-19 death rate in the UK has been 19.1. The death toll from Kovid-19 is based on 1 lakh population. Among them, the biggest threat is to people of black and Asian origin.

The highest risk of death in women from the grooming industry
According to experts, the highest risk of death among women is from women working in the grooming industry. Of these, 31 women died in one lakh. According to health analyst Ben Humberstone, the risk of death in an area is not just the end result, it also depends on what age and what origin you are.


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