Coronavirus: Covid warriors after defeating virus now donating plasma – paramilitary forces who are saving lives by donating plasma after defeating the corona virus


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new Delhi:

Hundreds of Kovid warriors from various paramilitary forces who have recovered from the corona virus are now queuing up in various parts of India to donate plasma for other serious patients undergoing treatment. There are over 2000 Corona warriors of various paramilitary forces who have recovered and around 1400 are still fighting the virus. Many of them have already donated blood for plasma in Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana and other states. Apart from this, many people have also registered or committed themselves to donate plasma.

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CRPF head constable Manjit Singh is one of them. He told NewsBust, "I donated the plasma on June 27 after I came to know from NewsBust. A woman was in need of plasma on a ventilator at Gangaram Hospital. I went to the hospital, got my check done and donated my plasma. ''

According to Manjit, he defeated the invisible virus with his determination. He said "I came to know on April 29 that I am Corona positive. But I was not disappointed. Maintained positive thinking and followed the instructions of the doctors."

Manjeet is not alone, HC Ganesh Kumar of 31 Battalion also says that donating plasma is a good job. He said, "If I can save a life, why not?"

The head constable of the CISF posted at Mumbai Airport, RT Yadav says that he defeated Corona by staying positive. He said, "One day while I was resting, I got a call from Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He inspired me and raised my immunity level." Yadav is also not averse to donating plasma.

CISF constable CJ Yadav also said that he relied on his immunity to get through tough times. He says that "I took precautions and I managed to defeat the virus".

For a donor to be able to donate plasma, he or she must be free of symptoms and undergo a negative test for the virus at least 14 days before using the plasma. In the blood of Kovid-Recover patients, immunity develops and plasma is extracted from their blood to fight the disease. About 100 ml of plasma is taken from the blood and this process takes about 40 minutes.

Mukesh Saxena, ADGP Medical (CAPF), told NewsBust, "It is a good initiative that helps someone save lives."

CRPF DG AP Maheshwari said that "CRPF is the savior of the life of the nation." It is our duty to maintain peace, to save life is our passion. We have served all over the country. The CRPF played the role of Kovid warriors in the wake of the Kovid epidemic. We have helped in constant crisis. About 1000 of our workers fell ill. More than half of them have become healthy so far. But thousands of our countrymen are still struggling in hospitals. We can help them in their fight against the virus by donating plasma. ''


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