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  • 1.05 crore people have been infected worldwide, of which 57.94 lakh have been cured.
  • 27.27 lakh infected in the most affected America, while 1 lakh 30 thousand deaths occurred

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Jul 01, 2020, 07:50 AM IST

Washington. So far, 1 crore 5 lakh 84 thousand 16 people have been infected with Coronavirus worldwide. So far 57 lakh 94 thousand 597 people have been cured. At the same time, 5 lakh 13 thousand 861 people have lost their lives. On the other hand, re-infection cases have started increasing in some states of America. Health expert Dr. Anthony Fausi said on Tuesday that if people continue to be negligent, soon up to 1 lakh cases will come here every day.

Dr. Fauci said- Currently, more than 40 thousand cases are coming up every day. The epidemic is not over yet. The United States plans to reopen 16 states, such as California, Texas, to see cases of infection increasing.

10 countries where corona has the highest impact


How infectedHow many deathsHow well




Britain3,12,65443,730Not available
Spain2,96,35128,355Not available

*these figures Are taken from

Biden will no longer hold an election rally
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said in the US that he will no longer hold a rally due to the epidemic. He made the announcement on Tuesday during an event in the province of Delaware. He said that I am going to follow the doctors' orders regarding Corona. It will be better not only for me but also for the country. This means I will not hold any rally for campaigning now.

Do not spread false information on social media: UN
United Nations (UN) spokesman Stephen Dujaric said on Wednesday that we have launched a campaign called 'Pause' on Wednesday, urging people not to spread misleading and misinformed information about Corona on social media. The campaign has been launched on Social Media Day.

Moscow: 3831 deaths so far
In Moscow, 35 people have died in 24 hours from Corona. So far there have been 3831 deaths. The Coronavirus Response Center of Moscow issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that 745 new cases were registered in Moscow. New cases decreased by 31% over the course of a week. A day earlier, 35 people died in Moscow. So far, 2.21 lakh cases have been confirmed here.

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