Coronavirus cases increasing in Maharashtra health experts blames people Covid 19 – Corona cases rising in Maharashtra, health experts blame people


So far, 51,753 people have died in Maharashtra from Kovid-19. (File photo)


Amidst growing cases of coronavirus infection in Maharashtra, health experts and government officials have blamed those who neither wear masks nor follow social distance rules. Discussion has been started to introduce fresh lockdown in the rural areas of the state and non-slum areas of Mumbai amidst increasing cases of COVID-19. Just a few days before this, public transport system, educational institutions and religious places were open.

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The cases of corona infection in Maharashtra increased for the fifth consecutive day on Saturday. 6281 new cases were reported in the state on Saturday, which is the highest in the last 85 days. After this, the total number of infected cases has increased to 20,93,913 in the state. The total number of deaths in Maharashtra has now reached 51,753. The death rate due to Kovid-19 infection in the state is 2.47 percent, which is much higher than the national figure of 1.42 percent. Dr. Sanjay Oak, the head of the Coronavirus workforce, formed in April last year, says that the rising figures in the state cannot be called the “second round” of the epidemic.


He said, “People do not follow the methods of Kovid. They need to avoid it. ”Pradip Vyas, Principal Secretary (Health), Government of Maharashtra, blamed the negligence and indiscipline of the people for this increase. He said, “There is a lack of following protocol. People do not follow the proper methods of Kovid. “Vyas said,” Officials will have to say that Coronavirus is still around. People do not have to be careless about it.

Let us tell you that 6112 new cases were reported in Maharashtra on Friday, which was the highest in the last 84 days. After this, the number of infected in the state had increased to 20,87,632. The last time more than 6,112 cases were reported in Maharashtra on November 27 last year and at that time the figure was 6,185. A BMC official said that after the daily increase in daily cases, the number of infected in Mumbai has increased to 3.17 lakh.

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