Coronavirus Cases in India update: 16946 new COVID19 cases, 198 deaths registered in last 24 hours


Coronavirus Cases in India Update: Recovery Rate Reaches 96.52 Percent

new Delhi:

Coronavirus Cases in India Update: One day in India COVID-19 After 16,946 new cases, infection cases in the country have increased to 10512093. Out of these 1,01,46,763 people have become infection free, with the recovery rate of patients in the country has increased to 96.52 percent. According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry at eight o’clock on Thursday morning, after the death of 198 more people, the death toll has increased to 1,51,727. The death rate from Kovid-19 is 1.44 percent.

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The number of active patients of Kovid-19 in the country has come down by 2.5 lakhs. According to the Ministry of Health, 2,13,603 people are currently undergoing treatment for corona virus infection, which is 2.03 percent of the total cases. According to the Indian Council of Medical Sciences (ICMR), a total of 18,42,32,305 samples were tested on Kovid-19 till January 13 in the country. Of them, 7,43,191 samples were tested on Wednesday.


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In India, the number of infected had crossed 20 lakh on 7 August, 30 lakh on 23 August and 40 lakh on 5 September. At the same time, the total cases of infection had crossed 50 lakh on 16 September, 60 lakh on 28 September, 70 lakh on 11 October, 80 lakh on 29 October and 90 lakh on 20 November and one crore on 19 December.

One crore five lakh cases of COVID-19 in 350 days
COVID-19, the outbreak of a coronavirus outbreak, has caused panic in the world for the last one year … Hindustan has been hit by the disease for the first time in one lakh, ie 110 days to reach 100,000 It took a while, but after that the pace kept increasing, and every one lakh new cases started joining the country in just one or two days … Now the pace of infection has slowed down a bit since last month, but for the disease Laxity until the arrival of an exact medicine can be harmful … India has taken a total of 350 days to cross the figure of one crore five lakh confirmed Kovid-19 cases …
The dateTotal casesTook time
19 May1,01,139110 days
3 June2,07,61515 days
13 June3,08,99310 days
21 June4,10,4618 days
27 June5,08,9536 days
2 July6,04,6415 days
7 July7,19,6655 days
11 July8,20,9164 days
14 July9,06,7523 days
17 July10,03,8323 days
20 July11,18,0433 days
23 July12,38,6353 days
25 July13,36,8612 day
27 July14,35,4532 day
29 July15,31,6692 day
31 July16,38,8702 day
2 August17,50,7232 day
3 August18,03,6951 day
5 August19,08,2542 day
7 August20,27,0742 day
9 August21,53,0102 day
10 August22,15,0741 day
12 August23,29,6382 day
14 August24,61,1902 day
August 1525,26,1921 day
17 August26,47,6632 day
18 August27,02,7421 day
20 August28,36,9252 day
21 August29,05,8231 day
23 August30,44,9402 day
24 August31,06,3481 day
26 August32,34,4742 day
27 August33,10,2341 day
29 August34,63,9722 day
30 August35,42,7331 day
31 August36,21,2451 day
2 September37,69,5292 day
3 September38,53,4061 day
4 September39,36,7471 day
5 September40,23,1791 day
6 September41,13,8111 day
7 September42,04,6131 day
9 September43,70,1282 day
10 September44,65,8631 day
11 September45,62,4141 day
12 September46,59,9841 day
13 September47,54,3561 day
14 September48,46,4271 day
15 September49,30,2361 day
16 September50,20,3591 day
17 September51,18,2531 day
18 September52,14,6771 day
19 September53,08,0141 day
20 September54,00,6191 day
22 September55,62,6632 day
23 September56,46,0101 day
24 September57,32,5181 day
25 September58,18,5701 day
27 September59,92,5322 day
28 September60,74,7021 day
29 September61,45,2911 day
30 September62,25,7631 day
1 October63,12,5841 day
3 October64,73,5442 day
4 October65,49,3731 day
5 October66,23,8151 day
7 October67,57,1312 day
8 October68,35,6551 day
9 October69,06,1511 day
11 October70,53,8062 day
12 October71,20,5381 day
14 October72,39,3892 day
15 October73,07,0971 day
17 October74,32,6802 day
19 October75,50,2732 day
21 October76,51,1072 day
22 October77,06,9461 day
24 October78,14,6822 day
26 October79,09,9592 day
29 October80,40,2033 days
31 October81,37,1192 day
2 November82,29,3132 day
4 November83,13,8762 day
6 November84,11,7242 day
8 November85,07,7542 day
11 November86,36,0113 days
13 November87,28,7952 day
Nov 1588,14,5792 day
18 November89,12,9073 days
20 November90,04,3652 day
23 November91,39,8653 days
25 November92,22,2162 day
27 November93,09,7872 day
30 November94,31,6913 days
3 December95,34,9643 days
5 December96,08,2112 day
8 December97,03,7703 days
12 December98,26,7754 days
15 December99,06,1653 days
19 December1,00,04,5994 days
24 December1,01,23,7785 days
28 December1,02,07,8714 days
2 January1,03,05,7885 days
8 January1,04,13,4176 days
14 January1,05,12,0936 days


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