Corona’s condition in West Bengal and Assam after assembly elections | Corona’s condition in West Bengal and Assam after assembly elections


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Due to the increasing infection in Assam, there has been a curfew in the morning and evening.

  • Bengal: Hospital not filled even after tests
  • Assam: 212 deaths in three days, bad condition in villages

After the elections in Bengal, the situation in Corona is getting frightening. More patients are not coming because only 30 RTPCR tests are being done at the block level every day, the number may increase if the testing increases. Corona has full beds in all major government and non-government hospitals in Kolkata.

The Municipal Corporation is arranging more than 2 thousand beds in the safe houses of the metropolis, which will have ventilator facilities. The Vidyasagar State General Hospital at Behala in Kolkata has oxygen cylinders, but two patients died due to lack of flow meters.

The flow meter is installed in the oxygen cylinder and this is why the patient is given oxygen according to the need. Health director Ajay Chakraborty, admitting the lack of flow meters, says, “Tenders have been issued in the country and abroad, there is a problem in meeting the sudden increase in demand.” A health worker said that the flow meter fitted to a patient has to be removed and the serious patient has to install it.

There were 200 patients daily in February, now 20 thousand

Danger: 500 to 700 patients are being found every day in every district.
In the second wave, 500-700 people are getting infected everyday in every district. North 24 Parganas is the most affected. About 4 thousand infected are coming here every day. In the last 10 days, 254 people have died. Despite having a limited amount of tests, the number of patients in the state has reached close to four thousand per day.

Prevention: local trains stopped for 2 weeks
The Mamta government has stopped local trains for two weeks. Apart from this, the shops and markets are open and closed from 7 to 10 in the morning and from 5 to 7 in the evening. Only 50% of the employees are working in factories, offices and establishments.

Elections: Daily Cases From Nomination to Voting Increase 92 Times
The first phase notification was released on March 2, on this day 171 patients were found in the state and two deaths occurred. On March 9, 188 new cases and one death occurred on the last day of enrollment. On April 29, the voting deadline was 17,403 cases and 89 deaths. Currently 12 out of 100 people are infected.

Assam: 212 deaths in three days, bad condition in villages

The increasing transition has presented a challenge to the BJP government, which came to power in Assam for the second time in a row. Because many cases are coming up in urban areas as well as villages, many strict restrictions have been imposed under the guideline.

Assam DGP NewsBust India Jyoti Mahanta said that a case of attempt to murder would be registered against the violator of the guideline. In the last three days, 212 people have died due to infection in the state. According to Jorhat district administration, not only cases are increasing in rural areas, but deaths are also increasing.

At the same time, the highest number of cases are being reported in Kamrup metro district. A total of 6,258 cases were reported in the state in the last 24 hours, of which 1,586 were cases of Kamrup. Of these, 85 people were killed. Saroj (name changed), who recently returned from a government hospital in Guwahati, says that the hospital is in a bad condition. Patients are increasing, but the system is not good.

Public-private offices closed for 15 days

Vaccine: People unable to book slots for vaccines
24-year-old Kamal says, ‘Everyday information about people dying is coming to me, because of that there is a lot of fear in my mind. I had registered for the corona vaccine under the age group of 18-45 several days ago, but have not been able to book a slot. In this way, my number will not come for months.

Prevention: all offices closed for 15 days
All government and private offices, religious places and weekly markets have been closed for 15 days in urban areas. Business establishments will have to close at 1 pm. There will be curfew from 2 to 5 in the afternoon.

Election: 4 times new patients increase from nomination to voting
The first phase notification was released on March 2, on this day 15 patients were found in the state, none of them died. On March 9, the last day of enrollment, 22 patients were found, two deaths. On the last date of polling on April 6, there were 92 cases and 2 deaths in the state. Currently, an average of 13 out of 100 people are infected.

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