Corona virus causes more damage to brain than respiratory system of patients: study


This was the largest study ever done on Covid-19 patients.

new Delhi:

Corona Virus caused more damage to the brain of patients in the early days than to the respiratory system. The largest study ever conducted on the Covid-19 epidemic stated that patients admitted to the ICU had more difficulty in not functioning properly than severe respiratory problems. This created a situation of hallucinations in patients or going into coma.

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According to a research paper published in ‘The Lancet’ magazine, during the study, the incidence of hallucinations and coma in 2000 Kovid-19 patients was monitored before 28 April. This study was done on 69 ICU patients from 14 countries. The research was led by scientists from the US-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It has been said that sedative drugs and ban on meeting family affected the brain functioning of these patients. In the ICU, hallucinations are associated with heavy treatment costs and risk of death. Prolonged stay in ICU can cause dementia.

According to the study, 82 percent of these patients remained in a state of coma for about 10 days. While 55 per cent had hallucinations for three days. Scientists said that the condition of the brain of the patients admitted in the ICU did not work seriously, remained on average for 12 days. Brenda Pan, working at VUMC and co-author of the research paper, said that the serious problem of not functioning properly in the brain was twice that of Kovid patients compared to patients admitted to ICU due to other diseases. Care of patients is also the reason because during the epidemic there was a lot of pressure on health workers.


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