Corona Vaccine: Rumors spread about vaccine fear spreads in 27 villages of are jungle in Maharashtra


Fear of the Corona vaccine spread among the tribal people of Aarey forest in Mumbai.


The second wave of Coronavirus Second Wave has caused havoc in Maharashtra (Maharashtra). The state and central government are adopting all the tricks to put a brake on the speed of corona in Maharashtra. In this episode, the pace of vaccination campaign in the state (Corona Vaccination) has been accelerated. Despite this, rumors spread about vaccine in some parts of Maharashtra are working to sabotage the vaccination campaign. We are talking about the Aarey forests of Mumbai. Most of the hundreds of tribals living in 27 villages here have not taken the vaccine. Many people have misgivings about the vaccine, so many do not want to go to the city and take it.

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Rumors spread about vaccine scared

55-year-old Shewant Khandekar, who lives in the tribal pada of Aare forest in the heart of Mumbai city, has not yet taken the vaccine. Shewant is not the only one who did not take the vaccine. Most of the people in 27 tribal pada present in the forests of Aarey are seen avoiding vaccine. Adivasi Shewant Khandekar said, “I am scared .. Some people told me that after taking the vaccine it feels fine for some time, then fever starts and then I have to be hospitalized and never come back.” come. death Becomes Her.”

People do not know the benefit of vaccination

Even Mohan Dalvi, who works in Aarey, does not want to take the vaccine. According to him, when the cases in his forests are negligible, then why take the vaccine. He said, “We don’t have to take it, we are very good.” We have no problem. We are very good. There is no need for that. ”Prakash Bhoir, a resident of Aarey, is a BMC employee and has taken both doses of the vaccine. He says that in Aare people lack information about vaccines – no one is going to tell.

Steps stalled due to not having a smartphone

Prakash Bhoir said, there are some rumors and government people should come here to make people aware about it. If people are told about the benefits of the vaccine by going from village to village, then perhaps the matter can be made. Because if it does not happen then further trouble can increase here. According to Manisha Dhinde associated with Aare Bachao Andolan, people are not able to register themselves due to lack of smartphones. Also, because of the crowds at the vaccine centers, there is a fear that they will not get infected by going there.

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