Corona Pandemic: Corona cases in China increases ahead of WHO investigation team arrival – Covid-19 Pandemic: Corona cases spiked in China ahead of WHO team’s visit to Wuhan


115 new corona cases were reported in China on Tuesday (file photo)

Special things

  • 115 new cases of corona arrived on Tuesday.
  • Hebei province has the highest number of 90 cases
  • WHO team will arrive in Wuhan on Thursday


Corona Pandemic: Cases of infection in the country have increased rapidly before the World Health Organization (WHO) team visited China on Thursday to ascertain the location of the origin of Covid-19. The National Health Commission (NHC) said that on Tuesday Transition to china 115 new cases were reported, out of which 107 cases are of infection at the local level, while the remaining cases are related to people from outside. The NHC said that out of the local cases, 90 cases were reported from Hebei province, 16 cases from Heilong Jiang province and one from Shangxi province.

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As of Tuesday, there were 87,706 cases of infection in China, while 4,634 people have died due to infection. In China, infection cases are rising at a time when the 10-member WHO team has to travel to Wuhan to find out where the Kovid-19 originated. China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the team will fly from Singapore to Wuhan. Significantly, the official news channel CGTN quoted the National Health Commission of China as saying that experts of the World Health Organization will visit China on January 14. He will go to Wuhan, where the cases of this infection were first reported in December of 2019.

Beijing, questioning broad ideas about the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, delayed allowing a 10-member team of experts to visit. National Health Commission (NHC) Deputy Chief Jeng Yishin told the media on January 9 that the timing of the team’s arrival in Wuhan is still being considered.


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