Core Commander level talks between India and China tomorrow to reduce the tension in East Ladakh


India China Core Commander Level Talks

New Delhi:

East Ladakh (Eastern Ladakh) to reduce the ongoing tension between India and China Core commander level talks It will be on Friday The 11th round of talks are taking place around 10.30 am in the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after about a month and a half before the two countries have completed the withdrawal of troops in the Pangong Lake area. India insists that tension be eradicated from other areas as well, where the armies of the two countries are face to face.

Not an inch of ground was lost: Army chief said after retreat of India and China troops in Ladakh

In this meeting, the Indian team will be led by the commander of the 14th Corps, Lieutenant General PGK Menon, who will be the commander of the Southern Xingjiang District of the PLA in the meeting on behalf of China. In the meeting, the emphasis of India will be completely on the withdrawal and disengagement of the soldiers before May 2020. The agenda of the talks will be on the withdrawal of troops from the remaining areas of Pangong Lake as well as from Gogra, Hot Sprigs and Depsang.

India will insist that the armies of both the countries go to their old places and reduce the increased number of soldiers. Tension between the troops of India and China on the border increased in May last year, when China had deployed thousands of soldiers along the border. On June 15, there was a bloody clash between the soldiers of India and China. In this action, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred and more than 40 soldiers of China were killed.

On February 20 this year, the two sides reached an agreement that the process of retreating troops in Pangong Lake area would be done, the remaining contentious issues would also be resolved through negotiations. Also, it should be ensured that there is no such action on the border which worsens the relationship.


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