Cop Saves Woman From Being Crushed Under Train At Lucknow Railway Station See Viral Video


The woman was climbing in the moving train, feet suddenly slipped, then the constable pulled hands and then … See Video

A vigilante woman constable (Cop Saves Woman from Being Crushed Under Train) is being hailed as a hero after a video online of her being crushed by a passenger under a moving train. The video was posted on the official Twitter profile of the Ministry of Railways. Since being shared, people have been praising Constable a lot. Chances are, you would also like to appreciate it.

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It can be seen in the video that a woman carries luggage in the moving train and tries to climb. Then her foot slips and she gets stuck between the train and the platform. Then the lady constable there catches her and drags her hands and saves her from going inside.

The name of the police constable is Vinita Kumari. She was on duty when she saw the passenger in distress and saved her life.

See Video:


This video was shared by the Railway Ministry on February 23, which has so far had more than 50 thousand views. Also, more than 3 thousand likes and more than 600 re-tweets have been done. Many people have praised the women constable.

One user wrote, ‘Vinita Kumari you did a great job’. The other user wrote, ‘Thank you for the way you helped the traveler.’


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