Consumer News In Hindi: Thomson's Indian brand licensee Super Plastronics launches Most Affordable Smart TV for Rs 23,999, no one does the customization we do- Avneet Singh Marwah | Thomson's Indian brand licensee Super Plastronics launches Most Affordable Smart TV for Rs 23,999, no one does the customization we do- Avneet Singh Marwah


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Jun 30, 2020, 09:25 PM IST

Mumbai. Electronic products such as mobile phones, TVs, computers and online payment facilities have greatly simplified people's lives. In view of this, many brands keep making changes. Update from time to time. Dainik NewsBust India spoke to Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO of Super Plasticsronics Pvt Ltd, in his episode of Brand Talk. Here are the portions of that.

You have a 30 year old company. For 4 years you are a licensed distributor of Kodak TV and Thomson TV. What kind of travel has been in India?

Transmission has been good. I want to thank all customers. For 30 years we have been making infra in India. We also have our own Indian brands which are trending. There are three factories in India. 21 offices are complete. There are around 200 service centers. There are over 15 warehouses. When we started work, the demand for cheap phones in smartphones increased at that time. We felt that there should also be a brand of cheap TV. This is from 2015-16. At that time the customer also felt that a smart TV should also be bought. Till then, you used to buy only three to four brands which were quite expensive brands. Neither used to promote the second name.

We launched it through online. Launched on the same day in 12,000 pin codes simultaneously. After this, the brand began to settle in offline. Our customer care service has also been good.

In 2016, if there was no affordable category and this category did not take off, would you still get a license?

I have been taught that once something is not there, try a second time, try a third time. The same was taught in CRT. Even then, all companies used to spend money to increase the market. But we kept trying and today we have reached this level.

Recently you have launched Dolby Vision TV. It is most affordable. What does most affordable mean?

It is premium affordable. When we launched in 2016, we used to get feedback from the customer at that time. With this we started to improve it. We used to get feedback that the quality of the speaker is good, no license, no Bluetooth, no USB. Then we thought of launching a flagship top model and at a fixed price. For this we had a model of Best TV which was our benchmark. Its price is 23,999 rupees.

4K is the most affordable brand in India

4K is India's most affordable brand. It has 5,000 applications and games. Can cast Chrome with 1,000 applications. It has a Dolby vision. While the big brands also do not have Dolby vision. It has Bluetooth 5.0. The big brand has 4.0. USB 3.0. One can compare it with any 4K TV in the world. It is frameless. All the fully loaded entertainment is there. 5 million movies, shows, live tv everything is in it.

We have launched on the basis of each state

We have known the Indian customer for 30 years. No one does the Indian customization that we do in TV. Either the brand does not belong to India, or they get the brand made in India and brought to India. This is Make in India. Diversification is here after 50 km. Every state has a different view of entertainment. On the basis of which we have made such a launch.


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