Consider life's problems as an idea and turn them into opportunities | Think of life's problems as an idea and convert them into opportunities, maybe that can become a source of inspiration for you


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Rashmi Bansal, writer and speaker

I look for stories of people from across the country who have done something big in life. Have started a new company with a new mind or are determined to bring change in the society. That is, despite the straight path, he chose the sincerity path. Are such people completely different? Now see a simple scene. Onions are often put in your home. Your mummy's tears flow while cutting onions. Then it takes blood and sweat to fry onions. Seeing this makes you upset. No fun to eat without roasted onions, but there can be no better way?

You searched the internet and found out that there is a product called 'Fried Onion', but not found in your Indian supermarket. Then it came to mind that thousands of women, like my mother, are upset after roasting onions. Why not introduce such a product in India? And that too according to his test.

So just started with a big pan and lots of oil in our own kitchen. After a lot of trials and errors, a good product developed. A shop sold on a trial basis, people liked. But staff and capital are needed to deliver to every corner of the city. And that capability was not there in our small business.

But did not give up. Who uses the largest number of roasted onions? Sir, this is the daily standard for the restaurant owners. So we thought, let such a restaurant show its onion awesome. Cafe in Mumbai is famous for Parsi dishes like Britannia Dhansak and Barry Pulao. So just to try and get our best products sent to them.

Mr. Owner of Cafe Britannia Kohinoor took a look and said, such an onion will not do us. Think how frustrating it will be to hear that. But Kohinoor sir was a good man. He said, let us tell you how to do it correctly. Disciple ready and with a better product, he started getting bulk orders from the restaurant.

This is not a concoction, it is a real life story. Whose character is Satyajit Roy and his company name is EGK Foods. Today he is running a large scale factory with a monthly capacity of 100 tonnes. Renowned chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is his brand ambassador today. His company has also received investment and has further plans.

Idea is simple. Realized a problem in his home and turned it into an opportunity. Do you have any problem in your life too? Perhaps that can become your source of inspiration. Yes, this path is not easy. Satyajit himself says that he tried not one, not two, five ideas. Then he got success in the sixth time.

It is said that the skin of an elephant is thick, similarly we will have to be ahead in life. When you fail in some work, then people get hurt the most by talking. Now what do others have to do with your failure, but small minded people only enjoy things. They have no zeal to do or die. So let them speak.

If your mind is full of confidence, there will be many effects. Luck should also be there for success. This does not mean that you do not work hard and sit on luck. Luck opens only to those, who are busy in their work with passion, heart and mind. No problem, choose any. The opportunity may be knocking at your door. Stay away from the hilt of the world, otherwise you will not be heard. (These are the author's own views)



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