Congress Leader Rti Reveals Distribution Of Covid 19 Vaccination Around The World By Center Govt. Congress spokesperson disclosed by RTI


Center sent more than 6 crore vaccines abroad. (file photo)

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  • More than 6 crore vaccines sent abroad
  • Congress spokesperson disclosed by RTI
  • Ministry of External Affairs gave details in RTI


There has been a big disclosure regarding the Coronavirus Vaccination Drive in India. The Government of India distributed 6 crore 63 lakh 70 thousand doses to 95 countries in 3 months, out of which 1 crore 7 lakh 15 thousand doses have been distributed for free. This has been revealed from the documents received from RTI, which was put in the Ministry of External Affairs. Congress spokesperson Abbas Hafeez had sought the details of the Corona vaccine sent abroad by the Central Government from the Government of India through RTI, in response to which according to the information given by the Ministry of External Affairs, India has given the vaccine and Kovidshield from 22 January to 16 April. Vaccine sent to 95 countries.

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Abbas Hafeez says that the Ministry of External Affairs has told in RTI that the government has distributed 1 crore 7 lakh 15 thousand vaccines free of cost to different countries. Bangladesh has been given the maximum vaccine, in which 33 lakh doses were sold for free and 7 million doses.

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1.7 million doses were sold free and 2 million were sold to Myanmar. 11 lakh free and 10 lakh were sold to Nepal. 4.5 million doses were sold to Saudi Arabia. Gave 9 lakh 68 thousand doses to Afghanistan, of which 5 lakh doses were free. 12 lakh 64 thousand doses were given to Sri Lanka.

Congress spokesperson Abbas Hafeez, while attacking the Modi government in the matter of giving vaccine to foreign countries, said that
People in India were troubled by the lack of vaccine and the Modi government remained a donor abroad. Hafeez, citing his RTI, also told that the Modi government has admitted that the government has bought the vaccine for Rs 300, then why has its price been fixed at Rs 1400 for the public.

The Congress spokesperson demands that 7 crore vaccines should be arranged immediately from other countries and the vaccine should be distributed to the states of India. Simultaneously, the rate should be reduced and GST should also be removed from it.

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