Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Makes New Profile Pic Of Poster In Which PM Modi Was Criticized For Vaccine Export


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has targeted PM Modi by changing his profile pick on social media.

New Delhi:

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Has also gathered in support of the poster against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, against which 25 people have been arrested by the Delhi Police. On Sunday (May 16), Priyanka Gandhi removed her profile pic on social media Twitter in the afternoon and replaced it with the same poster. It is written in the poster, “Why did Modiji send our children’s vaccine abroad?”

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Former Congress President and Priyanka Gandhi’s brother Rahul Gandhi has also shared the poster against PM Modi on Twitter and has challenged himself to be arrested. He wrote with the poster, “Arrest me too.”

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Please tell Delhi Police Has registered 25 FIRs and arrested 25 people in connection with the pasting of posters allegedly criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in connection with the Kovid-19 anti-vaccination campaign. Officials said on Saturday that these posters were installed in many parts of the city. It wrote, “Why did Modi send our children’s vaccine abroad?”

The police had received information about the posters, after which senior officials were alerted. On the basis of the complaints, Delhi Police has registered 25 FIRs in various districts under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code related to disobeying the order issued by the public servant.

Police said that three FIRs were registered in north-east Delhi and two people have been arrested from there. Three FIRs were lodged in West Delhi and five people were arrested from there while three FIRs were lodged in outer Delhi and three people have been detained there. Four FIRs were registered in this case in the north-west area of ​​the capital and two people were arrested. (With language inputs)


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