Computer Operator At JNU Has 9 Guinness World Records To His Credit In Typing

Unique talent of computer operator of JNU, blindfolded, typing with mouth, nose and slurred

Vinod Kumar Chaudhary, computer operator at JNU’s School of Environmental Sciences (AA) of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), is in the news these days. Actually, due to his unique talent, he has been in the discussion among the people. Please tell that Vinod Kumar Chaudhary also runs an institute at home. Very few people will know that Vinod Chaudhary has 9 Guinness World Records in his name, out of which he has got 8 for typing. Chaudhary has made a place in the record books for typing fast with the nose, typing with the blindfold and typing with the mouth stick. He made his first record in 2014.

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Choudhary said, ‘I have a record of typing with my nose, blindfolded and with a stick in my mouth. I made my first record of typing with my nose in 2014. I have other records like blindfolded, one hand typing, one finger typing and mouth stick typing. No one has broken my record. I myself break my own records and try to improve.

He said, that my latest record is to touch the most tennis ball using hand 205 times in a minute. I got inspired to make such records in 2014 when I saw a man typing with his nose. I thought I could too. I started practicing and continued till I broke the record.

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