Colton Underwood Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus: ‘We Will All Beat This’

A sad update for Bachelor Nation fans.

On Friday, Colton Underwood announced via Instagram he had test positive for the coronavirus.

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Along with his IGTV, he wrote:

“I tested positive and I have been following all of the social distancing rules since last week. My symptoms started a few days ago, I was tested and just received my results today. For anyone out there that is hesitant to self quarantine… please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay home. We will all beat this and come out stronger on the other side. I’ll keep you posted, Love y’all.”

Give his message a watch (below):

The 28-year-old has been hunkered down in Huntington Beach, California with his girlfriend Cassie Randolph and her family. He shared the same video to his Twitter feed, along with a few notes about his symptoms:

“This virus doesn’t care how old or healthy you are. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay home.”

“For those wondering what my symptoms are: headache, body aches, night sweats, fever, shortness of breath and a cough. Currently I get winded doing simple tasks like walking up the stairs getting out of bed.”

On Thursday evening, Underwood shared a slightly eerie thought to his account:

“I tend to be a pretty optimistic person and I look for silver linings in situations. My thought today: ironically our earth will probably be the cleanest and healthiest it’s been in a very long time after these next few months.”

Miz Randolph also shared a bit more about her boyfriend’s symptoms via her Insta Story:

“Started out with a headache. Then he got body aches + mild fever. He had night sweats for the next 2 nights with the fever. Started feeling some shortness of breath. Then he started coughing, but only very mildly. He has been pretty weak and tired the whole time.”

colton underwood tests positive for the coronavirus
(c) Colton Underwood/Instagram

Right now, no one else in her family is exhibiting similar symptoms:

“No one else is showing symptoms. Yet at least. I feel like it’s been hard to tell if any of us are symptomatic or if we are just being paranoid and imagining symptoms? Like @landonrandolph and I have a little bit of chest pain, but maybe it’s just anxiety? Hard to tell just yet. Will keep you all updated!”

The 24-year-old also explained that the former pro footballer is staying away from the rest of the Randolph crew:

“He is currently on the third story and I’m taking care of him by bringing him anything he needs (food, medicine, water, blankets, games) and then I disinfect myself every time I leave him. But I’m not “hanging out” up there, per se – unfortunately 🙁”

“Everyone else is quarantined in the rest of the house & yard.”

“It’s hard, because he wasn’t isolated from us until we got his results back. We quarantined the entire family together as soon as he showed symptoms, because we assumed that we were already exposed. And now we are like…”is it too late to not catch it? Do we already have it?” …we just don’t know. So we are now implementing CDC recommended precautions and going to continue to reevaluate as days go on.”

They are also unsure of how he contracted COVID-19:

“No idea where he got it from. At this point, it could have been anywhere that he was the past 2 weeks. Whether it be from a stranger that he touched the same door handle as, or from a friend, someone in my family… 🤷‍♀️”

Get well soon, Colton! We’re sending you all the healing vibes.

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