CoBRA commando Rakeshwar Singh Manhas is our captive, appoint interlocutors: Maoists – Maoists said – We are under control of missing Cobara commandos, this demand placed before the government


Government should announce the names of arbitrators
The Maoists issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that on April 3, two thousand security forces had reached near the village of Jiragudem to attack, to prevent this, the PLGA has attacked. In this action 24 soldiers were killed and 31 were injured. The Maoists have said in the statement that one jawan has been held captive while the other jawans have fled from there. He has said that the government should first announce the names of the intermediaries, after which the captive jawan will be handed over, till then he will be under the protection of the Janatana government.

Confessed to the killing of four naxalites
In a two-page statement released as a spokesperson of the Maoists’ Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, the Maoists have admitted that four of their comrades Odi Sunny, Padam Lakhama, Kovasi Badru and Nupa Suresh have been killed in the encounter. He has said that he could not take the body of the woman Naxalite Sunny.

Arms and ammunition seized
The Maoists have said in the statement that during the encounter they have seized 14 weapons, more than two thousand cartridges and some other items. Along with the statement, he has also released a photo, which is said to be a photo of the robbed weapons. Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee works in Bastar region. The Maoists have carried out major Naxalite incidents including Jhiram Valley Naxalite attack in the area under this committee. Senior Congress leaders died in the Jhiram Valley attack.

Jawans killed at least 12 Maoists: police
At the same time, police said that at least 12 Maoists were killed by security forces personnel during an encounter with Maoists. Police has informed about the recovery of the body of a female Naxalite during this period. Police officials said that since the encounter, 10 weapons, including seven AK 47 rifles, two SLRs and a light machine gun, are not known. Police officials said that they have received information about the release of the statement by the Naxalites and the statement is being investigated in relation to the reality.

Campaign in search of missing soldier
Inspector General of Police of Bastar Region Sudanraj P has said that since the encounter in the jungle of the border area of ​​Sukma and Bijapur on April 3, no information has been received about Rakeshwar Singh Manhas, the jawan of Cobra Battalion. Sudanraj told that a campaign is going on in search of the missing jawan. Apart from this, information is also being sought regarding the Rakeshwar Singh through rural, social organizations, local public representatives and journalists of the area. The police officer said that in a press release issued by the spokesperson of Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of Maoists, information has been given to keep a missing jawan captive. The police is investigating the reality of that press release.

Social worker appeals to release jawan
On the other hand, social activist Soni Sori, who works for the tribals in Bastar region, has appealed to the Naxalites to release the young Rakeshwar Singh. Soori has said that if the Naxalites delay in releasing the jawan, then on Wednesday she will go towards the encounter site and try to talk to the Maoists, so that the jawan can be released. Security forces were dispatched on Friday in an anti-Naxal operation in the border areas of Sukma and Bijapur in the state. Jawan Rakeshwar Singh was also involved in this campaign.

22 young martyrs
On Saturday, 22 security forces personnel died in an encounter between security forces and Naxalites near Teklaguda and Jonaguda village. At the same time, the constable Rakeshwar Singh went missing. The martyred personnel include seven personnel of the Cobra Battalion of CRPF, one soldier of Bastariya Battalion of CRPF, eight personnel of DRG and six personnel of STF.

Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit
After this major Naxalite attack in the state, Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Chhattisgarh on Monday. During this, Shah paid tribute to the martyred soldiers in Bastar and met the jawans. He also met the injured jawans admitted to hospitals in Raipur.

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