Chirag Paswan attacked viral video on viral video, says fathers last wish is to be fulfilled – Chirag Paswan’s attack on Janata Dal United on viral video, says father’s last wish is to be fulfilled


Chirag Paswan said that Nitish Kumar will no longer be the Chief Minister of Bihar after 10 November

new Delhi:

As part of the first phase of Bihar assembly elections, polling in 71 assembly constituencies of 16 districts of the state concluded at 6 pm on Wednesday. The election has become very exciting after the breakdown in NDA. Full strength has been thrown by all the parties. Recently, a video of LJP leader Chirag Paswan went viral on the basis of which his opponents accused him that he is not sad about his father’s death. On these things, Chirag Paswan spoke to NewsBust on Thursday. Chirag said that it is true that he did not even get time to grieve over the death of his father. He said that I am connected with my duties for the party. I also have to fulfill my father’s wish. Also, the LJP leader said that as per the rules in Bihar I could not go out of the house. In such a situation, I had to connect with the public through video.

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He also said that do I have to prove to Nitish Kumar how I miss my father? Or whether my grief is true or not. Expressing grief over the Munger incident, Chirag Paswan said that if the matter were in the hands of the state government, action would not have taken place. He also condemned the incident. Chirag Paswan raised the question as to who ordered the firing in Munger?

When asked on behalf of NewsBust that there is a discussion in the whole of Bihar that PM has done 6 rallies, not even once said anything about Chirag, no situation is clear, JDU leaders are waiting for I would say today, I will say tomorrow. So, has PM intentionally created the Confusion.

In response, the LJP leader said that it is beyond my understanding that BJP leaders give satisfaction to Nitish Kumar every day that BJP has nothing to do with the lamp. Still, why are they not satisfied with this matter? Tightening the tension, he said that till now he will not hear from the PM, even then he will not be satisfied. I think after the PM, I would like to hear this from the President or the President of other countries or even the President of America.


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