Chinese scientists force male rats to give BIRTH while conjoined with female rodents in lab experiments | Male rats gave birth to babies, in 21 days, rats developed into babies; may all children be healthy

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  • Chinese Scientists Force Male Rats To Give BIRTH While Conjoined With Female Rodents In Lab Experiments

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  • Scientists from the Naval Medical University of Shanghai did the experiment
  • PETA protests against treating animals as ‘disposable things’

Male rats give birth to babies in China. This experiment has been done by scientists from the Naval Medical University of Shanghai. Scientists have named it the Rat Model. However, this experiment of Chinese scientists is also being criticized.

Male rats give birth to such babies
Chinese scientists have completed their research in four parts. The scientists first connected the male and female mice side by side by stitching them into the skin. Then the uterus of female rats was taken out. It was transplanted into the body of male rats. Male rats were then pregnant and delivered by caesarean section.

Embryo developed in 21 days
Scientists say that after the rats were pregnant, embryos developed in them for the next 21.5 days. When the time was over, he underwent surgery. Research has revealed that all male babies born can live for the next three months. May these children be healthy. Scientists also found some embryos that had died and were different in size and color from normal embryos.

made such a model for the first time

According to research, this experiment has been done on 46 rats. Of these, 280 embryos were implanted. Chinese scientists say, for the first time such a model has been prepared in which a male mammal has been pregnant. Research proves that such mammals have the potential for normal fetal development.

Do not treat animals as disposable things
PETA Senior Advisor Emily McIver has criticized this experiment of Chinese scientists. She says animals should not be considered disposable things. This experiment is inspired by human curiosity.

Animals should be respected and they should be released in peace, she says. They cannot be bred in the lab. It is unethical to inflict prolonged pain on two rats by having them undergo surgery.

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