China replies on report of NewsBust exposing construction of Chinese village in arunachal pradesh – China’s statement on the news of village settlement in Arunachal, said- ‘In your own area …’


The construction of the Chinese village was revealed in the satellite photo.


On Thursday, China has reacted to the news of a village being built by China in Arunachal Pradesh. China’s Foreign Ministry said that it is undertaking construction activities ‘on its own land’ and it is entirely a matter of its integrity. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, while replying to a question in front of the media, said that the position of China in the eastern sector of the Indo-China border or Jangan province (South Tibet) is firm and clear. We have never recognized the so-called Arunachal Pradesh illegally settled on Chinese land.

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China describes Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet, while India has always said that Arunachal is an integral and unbroken part of it. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in an updated statement quoting Chunying on its website that ‘China’s normal construction in our own region is a matter of sovereignty.’

Let us tell you that NewsBust had shown pictures of the area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh in a report which said that China has built a new village and it has about 101 houses. According to the report, no human dwelling was seen in the first picture of 26 August 2019, but the second picture, which came in November 2020, showed residential construction.

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India had reacted strongly to this and said on Monday that the country constantly monitors all activities affecting its security and takes necessary steps to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. In New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs said that India has accelerated the construction of infrastructure including roads and bridges to improve the livelihood of its citizens in the border areas.


There have been reports of setting up a new village in China in Arunachal Pradesh at a time when there has been a military standoff between India and China in East Ladakh for more than eight months. Despite several rounds of military and diplomatic talks between the two countries, no solution has been found so far for the deadlock.

China settles village in Arunachal Pradesh, satellite photos revealed

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