China recorded first Covid-19 death in 8 months, experts discuss worrying new strains of coronavirus – first death from coronavirus in China in eight months


Wuhan, China:

The first death from coronavirus in China within the last eight months has occurred on Thursday. In view of this, experts have expressed concern over the new strain of Kovid-19 spreading rapidly across the world. Scientists of the World Health Organization in Geneva have decided to visit the Chinese city of Wuhan after the meeting. According to the WHO, 9.1 million people have been affected by this pandemic, of which about 2 million people have died.

The epidemic in China – where coronavirus infection was first spread – has forced millions of people to close again as new outbreaks of the virus are spreading rapidly there. There has been the first death from this outbreak, on which the anger of people is visible on social media.


The hashtag “New Virus Death in Hebei” quickly gained 100 million views on Weibo, a social media platform like Twitter.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) team reached Wuhan city on Thursday to find out the origin of the corona virus. Corona virus infection first came to light in the city of Wuhar in December 2019 and after that it engulfed the whole world. China’s official media has reported that the WHO team of experts has reached Wuhan to find out the origin of Kovid-19. This team is from Singapore and has 10 experts.


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