China Reaction on Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ladakh Visit | In Ladakh, Modi did not take the name of China even once, but China itself started speaking – calling us expansionist baseless


  • Modi suddenly arrived in Ladakh on Friday, on this 9-hour tour, he met the jawans and also gave 26 minutes speech.
  • Modi said- expansionist forces have been erased from the world, to which China said- this is an exaggerated statement

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Jul 03, 2020, 09:01 PM IST

new Delhi. On Friday, 18 days after the Galvan clash, Narendra Modi suddenly arrived in Ladakh. The motive was to encourage the soldiers and give a clear message to China that India will not tolerate its actions. On this 9-hour tour, Modi did not directly name China anywhere. However, Chinese reactions to his visit revealed that the thief had a speck in his beard.

Frightened by Modi's visit, China issued two statements in one day. For the first time, he called for an ongoing dialogue between the two countries, and the second time Modi himself took the risk of being expansionist.

First statement made four and a half hours after Modi reached Ladakh
Modi reached Ladakh at around 9:30 in the morning. Here he met the jawans and gave a 26-minute speech. Modi, without naming China in this speech, said that India has emerged stronger after every attack. The weak cannot initiate peace. Bravery will be a condition of peace.

After this statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at around 2 pm – talks between India and China are going on. We are also trying to normalize the situation and reduce stress through military and diplomatic channels. Neither party should be involved in any such activity which can spoil the situation on this occasion.

Second statement an hour after meeting the soldiers in the hospital

Modi also met the soldiers who were injured in a clash in the Galvan Valley at the Army Hospital in Leh during their visit to Ladakh. These pictures and videos came out at around 5.30. Modi said here that you all have given a befitting reply. The world wants to know who these heroes are, how is their training? The whole world is analyzing your bravery.

Earlier Modi had said in his speech that without the name of China, expansionism was the destruction of mankind, history shows that such forces have disappeared.

However, China's response to this statement came an hour after Modi met the jawans in the hospital. China said that we set demarcation through peaceful negotiations with 12 of our 14 neighbors. We transformed the border areas into a land of friendly cooperation. It is baseless to see China from an expansionist perspective. This is exaggerated and disputes with neighbors are being given rise.

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