China doubled its air bases, air defense positions and heliports near Indian border over 3 years

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China engaged in expansion of military infrastructure along the border

new Delhi:

There are reports of increasing the military concentration of China continuously near the border with India. Meanwhile, a report has revealed that China has been increasing the number of airbases, air defense positions and heliports by more than double in the last three years. Looking at this, it seems that after the deadlock in Doklam between India and China in 2017, China has changed its strategic objective. This may help China further expand its operations.

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This information related to the expansion of China's military infrastructure has come to NewsBust from the report of Stratfor. This report is yet to be released by the world veteran geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor. This report outlines the construction of China's military infrastructure through a detailed analysis of satellite images of military facilities. These military structures can have a direct impact on India's security.

Stratfor senior global analyst and report author Sim Tak said, "The timing of construction of Chinese military facilities along the border indicates that the standoff between India and China in Ladakh is undergoing efforts by China to increase tension on the border A part of it so that it can control the border areas. "

The report said, "It is worth noting that there is still a long time to complete the upgrading of the military infrastructure from China. In most cases, the expansion and construction of military infrastructure It is going on now. The Chinese military activity that we are seeing today on the border of India is only the beginning of a long-term objective. "

The report says that the impact that Chinese infrastructure will have on India is clearly visible. Once these infrastructure is completed, China will be helped to increase its activity in these areas.

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