china-cyberattack-on-india-could-have-led-to-mumbai-power-outage-last-year-says-nyt-report- mumbai-power-outage-in-october-may-have-had-chinese Hand-study After Galvan violence, China did cyber attack on Mumbai’s power supply system, electricity was stalled for 4 to 5 hours | After the Galvan violence, China had cyber attack on Mumbai’s power supply system, power supply was halted for 10-12 hours.

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  • China cyberattack on india could have led to mumbai power outage last year says nyt report mumbai power outage in october may have had chinese hand study after galvan violence, China did cyber attack on mumbai’s power supply system, electricity was stalled for 4 to 5 hours

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According to the report, a cyber group named RedEcho of China carried out the incident. -Symbolic Image

Chinese hackers cyber-attacked Mumbai’s power supply system on October 12 last year following a skirmish with the Indian Army in Galvan. After this incident, power supply was stopped in the metropolis for about 10-12 hours. The US-based newspaper New York Times has revealed this in a report. According to the report, the incident was carried out by the RedEcho Group of China.

The power supply came to a halt at around 10 am. Railway service was started after two hours, but it took 10-12 hours to completely overcome the problem. It was described as the worst power failure of the decade.

Conspiracy to silence India
China wanted to convey a message of silence to India through cyber attack. The report claimed that while Indian and Chinese soldiers were face to face along the border, malware was being injected into the control systems that oversee power supplies across India.

According to a media report, a preliminary investigation by the Maharashtra cyber cell revealed that a malware attack could be behind the power outage. However, the distribution company had cited the major reason for the outage as tripping at the Load Dispatch Center in Thane district.

Tracing was done by cyber space company
The report said that cyber space company Recorded Future did malware tracing of the incident. The company’s CEO Stuart Solomon was quoted as saying that advanced cyber technology was used to make entry from more than 10 nodes in the Indian power generation and transmission infrastructure.

RedEcho will be tracked continuously
Despite all these apprehensions, the cyber security company says that there is not enough evidence for the current hacker group of who is responsible for the Mumbai power outage. However, RedEcho will continue to be tracked for this. The company has also said that it has sent its results to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

10,000 cyber attack attempts after border skirmish
According to the report, an official said that most of the attacks and the command and control servers of Malware have been found in China. Immediately after the border clashes, we observed 10,000 cyber attack attempts every day. At the moment it has decreased slightly, but we have to be cautious. A report on possible cyber attacks and security aspects of sensitive government websites and portals has also been given to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team.

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