China asks US to stop ‘smearing’ CPC, halt support to ‘separatist forces’ in Tibet, HK – China’s appeal, US should not support separatist forces in Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong


Wang Yi said, “We want America not to support separatist forces demanding ‘Taiwan’s independence'”

Special things

  • Foreign Minister Yi insists, do not discredit our one party system
  • Appealed to remove unilateral ban imposed on Chinese companies
  • Said, our intention is not to challenge America or remove it


China Has appealed to the US not to “discredit” the ruling China’s Communist Party (CPC) and its one-party political system and not support “separatist forces” in Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. In the annual ‘Lanting Forum’ held on the subject of Sino-US relations, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Joe Biden Administration should take on the harsh policies of his predecessor, President Donald Trump. Consider what he raised to curb China’s growing influence. Wang said, “Our intention is not to challenge or remove America.” We are ready for peaceful co-existence and want common development with America. “He said,” Similarly, we hope that America will respect China’s basic interests, national prestige and right to development. We request the US not to discredit the CPC and China’s political system, to avoid wrong words against it.

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The Chinese foreign minister said, “At the same time, we want the United States not to support the separatist forces seeking ‘Taiwan’s independence’ and reduce China’s sovereignty and security in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet’s internal affairs.” Stop doing. “He said,” We hope that America will fix its policies as soon as possible. It will remove unilateral restrictions imposed on Chinese goods, unilateral restrictions imposed on Chinese companies, research and educational institutions and stop undue pressure on China. “Significantly, relations between China and the US are not doing well at present. . The two countries are confronted over several issues, including the emergence of the Corona virus epidemic, increased military activity in the South China Sea, and human rights. US President Joe Biden spoke to Chinese President Xi Chinfing on February 11 for more than two hours. And said that the result of China’s human rights violation will not be right.


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The Chinese Foreign Minister said that for effective resolution of sensitive issues, they should hold extensive talks in every field.
He said, “China is always ready for talks.” We are ready to negotiate solutions to the problems and also meaningful talks on behalf of the US. “We know that the new US administration is reviewing and assessing its foreign policy, so we hope Let’s say that the US policy makers will keep pace with the times, look at the world trend, abandon partisan attitude, do not doubt the needless and return to the old policy regarding China to ensure better progress in Sino-US relations. ‘ US President Joe Biden has also emphasized on improving relations with China again and softening American diplomacy. It is not clear yet whether he will make any change in America’s policies regarding China.


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