China Adorable Cat Attack Hyper-realistic Fish Drawing TikTok Video Goes Viral – The person made 3D panting of the fish, the cat did the attack and then in anger


Man made 3D panting of fish, cat attacked and then .. Watch Video

On the Internet, users love Cat’s videos a lot. Especially when the animal is stupid in some weird way. One such video of China is going viral (Viral Video) where a naive cat started trying to eat fish (Adorable Cat Attack), when she thought it was fake, she started licking. In a video posted online, an artist created an intricately designed blue fish. He also added a video to make it look real. He created a three-D model fish in a stylish style.

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Soon, a British shorthaired kitten appears in the frame. The artist then makes a sound from the cat as if he is looking at the creature in front of him. He immediately starts licking the fish. The artist changes his sound effects to a cat situation, which is added to the hilarity of the situation by licking the presumed dinner.

Video Was posted on Doyin, a popular video-sharing Chinese app that is tic-tac-like.

The cat is so naive that even after licking, he does not realize the fake fish. Seeing the video, you will also feel that it is trying to eat real fish.


The artist is a man named Ling and the cat is his pet Mai Mai. Ling acknowledges that the cat is quite “greedy” and attempts to eat or scratch. He has made many attempts to eat such 3-D fish before.

Ling Heels from Yunnan Province in southwestern China has been making resin-glue-based realistic 3-D paintings for over eight years. Ling told the Daily Mail, “He’s always done that, whenever I’ve painted a fish, he always jumps on the table and starts licking it or trying to scratch it.”


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