China accuses america of adopting double standards on rocket debris case


China accuses America of adopting double standards.


Accusing the US of adopting “double standards”, China attempted to alleviate global concerns regarding its uncontrolled rocket debris falling into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. The wreckage of China’s uncontrolled rocket ‘Long March 5B’ entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday and most of its remains burned and fell into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. No damage is reported from this.

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However, the US space agency NASA criticized China for the wreck of the uncontrolled rocket and accused it of failing to meet the set standards. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson issued a statement saying, “It is clear that China has failed to meet the responsible standards regarding space debris.”

Reacting to this statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said during the press conference that some other countries, including the US, are unnecessarily hammering the issue while the rocket debris burned as it re-entered the atmosphere.
He said that China kept a close watch on the debris and there has been no report of any damage to the ground due to the debris.

The spokesperson said, “Any concern or misunderstanding in some selected media on this issue is unwarranted.” Taking a dig at the US, he said that when there was a case of American rocket wreckage in the past, the American media called it extremely “” Presented in “mild style” while the opposite approach was adopted in the case of China.

It is noteworthy that China sent the first part of its Tiangong space station to be built in space with the help of this rocket. The rocket was launched from the Wengchang spacecraft launch site in the southern island of Hainan on 29 April.

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