Chile Coronavirus News Updates: 26-year-old Damaris Silva, Nurse Plays Violin For Covid Patients In El Pino Hospital | Nurse Silva plays violin to relieve stress and staff fatigue of Corona patients, said- I keep sharing expectations


  • This view is visible twice a week at El-Pino Hospital in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.
  • Nurse Silva arrives at the corona patients at 6 pm singing Latin songs

Daily newspaper

Jul 12, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

At 6 in the evening, violin's melodious music reaches the ears in the corona patients and their stress is relieved. For the time being, the right patients forget their illness and staff fatigue and feel relieved. This view takes place twice a week at El-Pino Hospital in Santiago, the capital of Chile. 26-year-old nurse Damaris Silva arrives with a violin in the critical care unit after her duty ends. As soon as the strings are drawn, the melodious music in the gallery resonates.

I'm sharing expectations from people
"I am sharing affection, trust and expectations with people in the coronas," says Damaris Silva. The music that comes out of my violin is not just a song, it is more than that because whenever I play it, this voice comes straight out of my heart.

Violin plays for many hours
Silva visits the corona patients twice a week and plays the violin for hours. She also sings Latin songs for the patients. She says that as soon as the patient is heard singing, a smile comes on his face. He becomes happy inside. Silva's nurse nurse Joze Luis says that whatever she is doing for patients, it is very beautiful.

Patients and staff clap
According to another nurse who works in the hospital, when Silva comes to the gallery, the patients listen to her song and clap. Their initiative is very enjoyable and exciting for both patients and staff. He is truly a wonderful example of humanity.

Nurses have dual responsibility
Nurses in the hospital are doing dual responsibility. They are also working with the patients to provide support for the patients. Nurse Michelle Waughan works at St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond. Michelle and her cousins ​​make special taddy wear for patients. Apart from this, audio messages from their families are recorded and narrated to the patients so that their stress is reduced.

Chile on the sixth number in Corona cases
Chile ranks sixth among Corona virus infection cases, with more than 3 million cases of infection. Here 2 lakh 71 thousand people have recovered from coronavirus. Has been recovered.


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