Children more intelligent with attention to puzzles and magic tricks, curiosity to understand things increases desire to learn in them | Children with a penchant for puzzles and magic tricks may be more intelligent, curiosity to understand things leads to a desire to learn

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  • Children More Intelligent With Attention To Puzzles And Magic Tricks, Curiosity To Understand Things Increases Desire To Learn In Them

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  • Research by scientists from Johns Hopkins University
  • Study on 65 children aged 11 months and above

Children who are attracted to puzzles and magic tricks may be more intelligent. Children’s curiosity to understand things can make them more intelligent. This claim has been made by the scientists of Johns Hopkins University in their research.

Scientists conducted 3 months of research to understand the level of curiosity in 65 children aged 11 months and above.

Such children are more likely to be intelligent
Scientists say that children who carefully observe certain tricks such as a toy floating in water, a ball passing through a wall are more curious. Researcher Lisa Feigenson says, “The curiosity that children develop when they see magic tricks tells them how much they want to understand things.”

Research lasted for three years
Psychologist Jasmine Perez says, “The level of curiosity in children tells how they will do in studies. In three years of research, it was revealed that such children are especially better at learning anything.

increased interest in children
Researchers say that children who looked at magic objects for a long time at 11 months of age showed similar interest at 17 months of age. Even after a time, the choice of children did not decrease.

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