Children eat 68% more vegetables if the amount on their plate is doubled penn state university study finds | If children double the amount of their favorite vegetables in their plate, they eat 68 percent more vegetables, claim American scientists

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  • Children Eat 68% More Vegetables If The Amount On Their Plate Is Doubled Penn State University Study Finds

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  • Researchers from Penn State University of America claimed in research
  • Said, if you prepare children’s favorite vegetables in a new way, they will eat more

Most children run away from green vegetables. American scientists, in their recent research, have told how to feed more and more green vegetables to children. Researchers from Penn State University say, during the trial, the amount of broccoli and corn in the children’s plate was increased from 60 to 120 grams. As a result, children ate 68 percent more vegetables.

study like this

  • To see the effect of the amount of food in the children, researchers did research on 67 children. 26 boys and 41 girls were included in this. Their average age was 3 to 5 years.
  • Every week for 28 days, children were given different types of broccoli and corn for lunch. Salt and butter were used in it. It was accompanied by fish sticks, rice, apple sauce and milk.
  • Their experience was asked after eating 4 vegetables in different ways for 4 weeks. In the results it was revealed that except the vegetables in which butter and salt were added, they ate more food in excess.
  • Serve children’s favorite vegetable

Researcher Hanim Dikats says, this research will help parents, teachers and caretakers around the world, who are engaged in motivating children to feed a certain amount of vegetables.

According to research, serve only those vegetables in children’s plate which they like more. Don’t force them to eat vegetables they don’t like. Parents have also been advised to gradually increase new vegetables in the children’s plate. Prepare it the way the baby likes to eat.

Researcher Barbara J Rawls says, experiment with vegetables and try to make them in a new way so that children do not distance themselves from it.

1.5 cups of vegetables daily is necessary for children
Britain’s health agency, the NHS, says that children should be given five different types of fruits and vegetables a day. Increase the amount of food according to age, body and physical activity. According to the US guidelines, the child is asked to eat 1.5 cups of vegetables.

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