Child Was Doing Homework Sitting In The Back Seat Of Scooty When Mother Was Going To Drop The School Watch Viral Video fear of being killed

The mother was going to drop the child from the scooty to school, the child was doing homework while sitting in the back seat

Often such funny videos go viral on social media, which surprises us to see and we do not even believe our eyes. Every child gets scolded by the teacher for not doing school homework. Some children are so afraid of the teacher’s scolding that they do not want to go to school. One such video is now going viral on social media, in which you will also be surprised to see what a child is doing to avoid the teacher’s scolding. This video is now becoming quite viral on social media.

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Watch Video:

This video going viral has been shared on Twitter by a user named @DoctorAjayita. The caption accompanying the video reads – Legend doing his homework on the way to school. Mother is going to take the children to school. The child sitting in the back seat is doing school work by opening the copy. People are very much liking this video.

This video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times on social media so far. People are giving funny reaction on the video. One user wrote – Right now all the copies and books will fall into the pits one by one. So another user wrote – Good use of time. The third wrote – Fear of being killed by the teacher.

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